Sometimes You Have to Do What Is Best For You.

If I ever had to question if I had the capability of loving someone, I don’t have to anymore. falling in love with someone is beautiful. It will empower you and show you the strength of love. You feel like you have a glimpse of the power God knew that love possessed. You cant study love, you cant force it. Its a wind and a wave of all things intangible. They say love is a choice so as to say I chose to love you but I don’t no if I 100% agree with that statement. Thing is, in love, I became a slave to my feelings/emotions. I let them drive everything I did and now I’ve learned that love can burn you. Cause sleepless nights and make you forget what you’re worth (if its with the wrong person). But no, I’ve realized that loving someone who isn’t able to love and to chose you in the way you love and I guess have chosen them, is the hardest thing of all. But giving that heartbreak to God and Him telling you to let go is a tough pill to sallow. That’s if you ask me. Or maybe I’m confused; or too young to understand but this I do know: I’ve loved beyond comparison, made sacrifices not asked of me, I’ve put their needs and feelings before my own. I’ve cried and had the breathe knocked out of me enough times to know that love is more than an overused four letter word.

Though you take a moment away from someone you love with all your heart, doesn’t mean you love them any less or that the decision to step back was an easy one. It simply means that you love yourself more, you understand that when its time to let go you have to let go, and that you have to give your heart a break and a fighting chance to not put yourself in a situation where you are always in an emotional rollercoaster.


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