Oh How Dark She Is- Such History

Bad hair means you look like a slave. Dark skin means this world will look at me and continue to spit me out; means that men will love me less. Hard on the eyes. This twang will make me seem less educated. This gem between my legs will make you think that I deserve less pay, make you think I asked for it, make you feel that its okay to call me out of my name every once in a while. And these lips: big and itching to speak my truth will make you ask “what that mouth do?” My hips hold a gospel of truth, baby making hips designed to sway to the sound of victory but all you see is something to grab hold of, something to conquer just so you will have something to say to your boys during story time. My smile will confuse you; for it hides my pain all too well. I can’t win!! I bore the same men who destroyed this world. Gave birth to kings who forgot their heritage; had my children ripped from inside of me just to become something God never intended for us to become. I cried tears sufficient enough to remind the Nile that I too can water this world. My back did more than lay on master’s mattress while he ravaged what little innocence I had left and told me I was nothing. But I was enough for him to have bare his children, enough for him to be fascinated with. I was enough for him to kill my husband because of jealously! You see, I am woman! Black WOMAN! Ugly woman! But I am QUEEN! I am God’s most precious diamond. But you don’t realize that because you think that just because you have stolen me from my people, stolen my crown, that I have lost what I was born into. This royalty that my God gave me. I hate you for your ignorance but I know that my God has a way of avenging the innocent, His children; His prince and princesses. You let this dark skin blind you. And now you want to destroy me, you have tried to destroy me but let me tell you this….200 plus years later, you still are trying and I. AM. STILL.HERE


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