Lately, I have been so busy. And even that may not be the word to describe how I am feeling. Overwhelmed, tired (mentally, emotionally, etc), confused, sad, happy… I am pretty much all over the place. I haven’t spent quality time with my bible for about a week and I have basically allowed all the natural things and commitments take over my life and I am starting to feel the strain of it. Even sitting here, writing, all I can think about is the thousand things that are on my to do list and I want to cry.

I have realized how snappy and mean I have been to the people I care about and I also notice how I have been even pushing them away. But I am thankful that God has allowed me to see these changes in myself so that I am aware of them and to do something about it. My point in expressing this is simple: I am struggling but I am not allowing my struggle to overtake me. That is, I am not allowing myself to become a slave to these emotions/feelings. You see, yes I really want to go to my room right now, cry, shout, complain and give up but I won’t. Because despite all that I have to do and all that I am feeling; MY GOD IS STILL HERE! Every now and then, I will take a break and remind myself that I have to give all these things to God. He will give me the strength to overcome all these things, the knowledge to pass all these upcoming exams, and the patience to wait on my blessings and success. On my part, I need to remember that no matter what I must sacrifice time for my GOD. Never allowing school, extra activities, or anything keep me from spending even 10 minutes with Him; because when I was, I didn’t feel as stressed or like my spirit was troubled.

So yes, I feel like I have taken about twenty steps back and am losing my head, barely having the time to breath and take a moment to relax BUT I know that this is all part of life. This is just the season I am in right now and through it, I am learning , growing, fixing mistakes and remembering that with God everything will work out and that a trust and foundation built on Him always guarantees growth, peace, success, and second chances.

So if this is a tough week for you and you feel like you have been neglecting God or are just going bonker, its okay!! Just take this moment right now and tell God that and ask Him what HE WANTS YOU TO DO. Get back on track. That is what is so amazing about our God. He knows we will make mistakes and have off days or even off weeks but with open arms He is there with everything we need. Just ask. Go to Him. Run to Him!

God bless 🙂


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