Men will pray for God to send them their own Ruth, Mary or any Proverb 31 women but spend their days entertaining the likes of Potiphar’s wife and Jezebel. Women will go out of their way to be and look sexy in attempts to arouse a man’s sexual desires and be somehow shocked when they have attracted a man whose only intent is to have sex. Now I don’t know about you, but I know many men and women who have this issue. Yes it is true that we accept the kind of love that we feel we deserve because not too long ago, I was the woman who didn’t believe or understand my worth and that translated into me looking and accepting the wrong kind of love (or what I thought was love.) In reality all I was doing as going further away from my purpose and sinning! Sin! It will take you to places you never imagined were possible, further than you want or need to go, keep you enslaved and not free like you were meant to be in God’s grace, and cost you more that you can write a check for. That is a promise and take it from someone who knows all too well: It is NEVER worth it.

So today I want you to stop! Stop chasing the wrong kind of love. Stop praying to God for this Godly woman or man only to be chasing and accepting crap from a Jezebel or abuse from a man who only pretends to know our Lord and Savior. We all want that Christ like love but forget these two things: God will not give you something you are not prepared for AND a man/woman can’t love you like Christ if they don’t love Christ at all! Can I get an AMEN!!

I truly believe that God wants and intends for us to be in a Godly relationship with a mates of HIS CHOSING but in order for that to happen we have to stop allowing that to be our only focus, allowing it to be the only prayer we make, and also question if you are ready for that! Are you prepared for that Godly mate God has for you? Are you a woman who is clothed in grace, speaks life, is modest and knows the strength in submission? Are you a man after God’s heart and chasing His love and wisdom? Are you ready to lead a woman the way God intends? And if you are not, are you praying and asking God to make you the man or woman He wants because until you are on that path, what makes you think God is going to give you His precious child who is ready and you are not!

Also remember this: God is a jealous God! Relationships are a time commitment and can take your focus off of God especially if its a relationship that you made the decision to get into without God’s consent or timing. Do not let a man or a woman replace the time and relationship you have with God. Know that the relationship God has ordained for you and that glorifies God will bring spiritual growth not hindrance. Anything that causes you to go in the opposite direction of the path God has set for you for you is not God sent.

So as God is preparing what is for you, continue to ask Him to prepare your heart, mind, and spirit to do His work in His kingdom as everything else will fall into place.




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