Reality Check

When you open that wonderfully loaded book, how are you reading it? Are you looking for verses to justify the life that YOU CHOSE and felt was BEST FOR YOU? Are you reading passages that will only make you feel good? Is your heart hardened? Is it Tuesday and you realized you haven’t spoken to God in almost three months so you find the shortest verse you can and read it without understanding or attention? If so, then I would like to pray for you. I will not lie to you, I HAVE been there! There were months when the only time the bible saw my face was on Sunday morning when the Pastor asked us to open the book to Psalms 1 or 2 or whatever verse it was that day. I probably could not even tell you what the sermon was about, or what the verses said. Physically I was at church, reading the verses in hopes that time would fly by so I could rush home and sleep. But mentally and spiritually I was completely absent. On the days where I did decide to read my bible, I only read verses that made me feel good. Like Matthew 21:22- All things asked in prayer, believing, ye shall receive or verses that talked about how God loves me, and finds me worthy or how He will smite my enemies. These verses made me feel good and didn’t ask anything of me. There was no rebuke and I was fine with that. But as my faith in God grew, He began to test me. Soon, every time I opened my bible, I was reading something about giving myself up as a living sacrifice, starving the flesh, running away from sin and sexual immortalities. Trust me, none of this was want I wanted to hear. I wanted this walk with God to be easy. I wanted Him to listen to me, answer my prayers and give me all the desires of my heart. But THANK GOD it does NOT work that way. This walk with God WILL not be easy, it will TEST you, and it will ask you to make sacrifices but most of all it will SAVE you. But in order for it to do that you MUST know and THIRST for HIS WORD.

You see, when we strive for a relationship with God, we MUST SPEND TIME WITH HIM! That includes prayer and READING HIS WORD. But it does not stop there. When reading His word, we have to have an open heart. A heart and mind ready for correction and conviction. There will be verses that make you question the lifestyle you are living, verses that will bring you to tears and make you want to repent, verses that speak to the most dead and filthy parts of your soul. When we read our bible, God speaks to us. He gives us instruction, hope, strength and all the tools you need to begin building that relationship with Him. How can you say you love and know God but you don’t know His WORD! The living word, the bread of life? For me, it took a while to understand the purpose of reading my bible and spending devoted time with God. No distractions, and no excuses. I remember when I hit rock bottom, and the first thing I thought of doing was opening my bible. This was my way of calling to Him. I fell on my knees and began reciting every verse I knew and I prayed.

My prayer wasn’t lavish, probably wouldn’t make sense to you but because of what His word says, because I was honest and crying at His feet, because I was yearning for his strength, and love and forgiveness, because my heart was open, and because I BELIEVED in HIS word, I knew that HE WAS LISTENING TO ME! You see, I was asking for the things ACCORDING TO HIS WILL, ACCORDING TO HIS WORD. So now, I wake up with a desire to read and get to know Him. Before checking FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter or SnapChat, I open my bible and give TIME to HIM. Whether its 5 minutes to an hour, I give HIM TIME! I am reading my bible with a mind that is humble and honest. There are some days where I slip up and do not spend time with Him but I am grateful that the Holy Spirit always checks me and reminds me of what is important.

Remember this:

  1. Every time you open that bible of yours, you are further opening the doors to your heart and soul and inviting God in.
  2. You are arming yourself with the strongest weapon known to man but most of all….
  3. You are one step closer to understanding, experiencing, and loving the unfathomable power of God

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