Waiting….Oh How We Love It

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love waiting!!….Said no one…ever! I don’t know about you but I do not like to wait. I used to think I was a very patient person but let me tell you: I am not! I don’t like waiting on people, I don’t like waiting for things to happen and I especially hate when my professor take decades to grade my assignments! (That is a rant for another day.)

But waiting and patience is not a strong suit many of us have. We want it now, at this very moment. If we pray to God about something (whether its job, a spouse, money, etc.) we expect Him to give it to us the minute we say Amen and end our prayer. Only to realize that sometimes He makes us wait for days, months, years, even generations for those prayers and promises to come to fruition. During this season of waiting, we get frustrated and tired and sometimes even start questioning God and turning our backs on Him. But doing that does not work in your favor!

Lets look at some examples. Joseph was imprison for 10 years before He became the second most powerful person in Egypt. God could have sped that process along much quicker but He didn’t. Moses was in the desert with the Israelites for 40 years and he still died before making into the promise land. Sarah could have had children much sooner but no God made her wait. Even God’s covenant with Abraham occurred over several generations! Why did God take so long to heal Job and rebuke Satan’s ill upon him. Imagine that. Why? Why did God make them all wait? Why does even today He makes us wait? One word: Faith! Yes, its that simple: Faith. He makes us wait to build our faith. If every time we were in need and God immediately handed us whatever it was that we wanted or needed, what do you think would happen? Be honest with yourself, do you think that you would be as dependent on Him? Would you truly understand His love and desires for you or would you only go to Him because you know what He would give you?

In your season of waiting, God wants your faith in Him to grow, He wants you to be dependent on Him so that even through these hard years you know that He will always have your back. While you praying to God for that promotion or a better job, God is working on it but before He gives it to you He wants to show you that even when you are worried about where your family’s next meal will come from..He’s got you! Through the waiting season He wants to build you and mold you into a man/woman who is ready for the blessing you are asking for. He is not going to give you that man or woman or that house or child you are asking for if He knows all these things will guide you away from Him. Why would He do that?! He loves and desires you too much. He needs to make sure your faith in deeply rooted in Him and that your heart, body and spirit are ready for the answers you need.

The waiting season if the most important. Not only does your faith grow, but also your trust in God, your fear in Him and it is in the waiting season that your testimonies are built. These waiting seasons will often times come with difficulties, loss and challenges but know that if He is making you wait then He has a plan for you that you cannot even begin to imagine for yourself. Know that in Him making you wait, He is creating a masterpiece for you; one you didnt even know to ask for; one bigger than what you have already ben praying for. So if God is making you wait ask Him to give you strength and understanding so that you can wait longer!


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