The Psychatrist and the Wanna be Savior

Hol’ Up, Wait A Minute!!!!!!! I don’t think ya’ll ready for this one just yet but here I go! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Psychiatrist and the wanna be Savior! If you still don’t know what I am talking about, its okay… bare with me.

For the past few months I’ve been speaking to my friends (mostly guys) and also pondering on some of the situationships I have been and I realized a few things. One, as women we sometimes do not know how to just let go!!!! Say it with me. Let.It.Go. Now I am also speaking to myself on this one as well and not trying to bash anyone but we have to learn to distance ourselves from relationships that are more toxic than anything else. When we don’t we become obsessed, infatuated, or whatever fancy word you want to use to make yourself feel less crazy. Here is where the title of this post comes in. Some women who do not seem to get the hint or understand that they must let go of a guy who clearly has no intention of making you into what you want him to (whether you are trying to go from being the side chick to the main girl, the booty call to the girlfriend, etc.) That is when you become one of two types of people: The psychiatrist or the want to be Savior. Let me explain 🙂

The Psychiatrist

The psychiatrist is the woman who wants to diagnose his fear of commitment, trust issues, and anger problems. Instead of seeing these so called diagnoses and issues as just him not wanting you, him wanting to make a commitment to you or even him just seeing you as something to do you pretend that you are the only that sees these issues and somehow are also the only that can cure him. Oh no, no, no. He is not a disease you need to cure more like a disease you need to run from! Start seeing the red flags and not pretend they are some sort of symptom to much bigger problem that may or may not be there.

Next to the stage:

The Wanna Be Savior

Well for some reason, you feel that the Lord and Savior crowned you with a crown and asked you to go and save this man from his issues, miseries, etc. As women we want to believe that only we can love him this way, protect him, be there for him and rescue him from all the pain from his past and present and future. Sorry to inform you sweetheart but this is not your job! You cannot go around trying to save every man you encounter in hopes that they will in return love you and wife you. The savior type also has characteristic of the psychiatrist and sees themselves as the cure.

All this to say, know your worth. Know that you deserve a man who shows you that he wants you and only you. A man who seeks God but in the mean time be a woman who knows and understand when its best to let go. Trust me I now its hard, I have to deal with that idea as well but I don’t allow myself to get to the point where I fall into one of these categories and many other!


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