Women’s Conference

Today was absolutely amazing!!!! Today marked the first annual Woman’s Conference held by D.O.T.T Ministries. D.O.T.T (Daughters of the Throne) is a ministry that three of my friends started here on campus and through their obedience they held their first conference today. The theme was Women of Purpose/Walking In Your Purpose and I must say it was amazing. I had the pleasure of preforming a few pieces and also asked to be one of the panelist. Amongst us were some amazing, anointed and beautiful women of God. We sang, worshipped, prayed, ate, fellowshipped and got deep into the Spirit of God that was flowing through the room. God was working so well today that one young lady even went and rededicated her life back to Christ! Wow! I was just so amazed to see a room full of young women, CHOOSING God. And where there were empty seats, I promise you the Spirit filled it up. We could have slept in, watched a movie, stayed home and just be lazy but no! Everyone of us in that room made the decision to come and spend time with God and I promise each one of us left with a lot more than we came in with. I know I did!

To know that I was not alone and to see the beauty, grace, favor, and love of God in each one of us made me realize and understand just how powerful my God is and just how accepting and freeing His word and His love is. From 9:30-2pm we were surrounded and seeking God’s face and I tell you I am already excited for next years conference, which I know will be bigger and better than this years. I am so proud of my girls starting this ministry and for more information on them and the amazing work God is doing, please go to the News and Updates tab.

I wouldn’t feel right posting this without ending with a few points that we covered today. So enjoy and I pray that you know that God has a purpose for your life and that you are a beautiful woman not of this world but of God and the kingdom He has called you to be a part of. So I will list some key things in bullet format and I plan on revisiting these points and talking more about them in future post, so stay tuned and also be sure to check out another amazing blog from one of the beautiful ladies I met today at this conference –> http://www.chantellebrawley.com

1. You can either be bitter or better

2. Read Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11

3. Passion is the pain and suffering you will go through that will make you stronger and allow you to get to your purpose

4. Finding your purpose and walking into it starts with God

5. There is a season for everything

6. if you don’t feel like you have found your purpose (and remember we all have multiple purposes) then that is okay, pray on it!

7. There is a process –> a plan –> pain and suffering (passion) –> then your purpose comes to fruition and you have productivity!

So today if you feel like you have no idea what you are called to do, go ahead and dial that Jesus hotline and ask Him! Prayer is all you need 🙂



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