How Dare You?

John 8:7 reads “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” It baffles me how quickly we claim to be ‘loving’ forgiving’ ‘Christians’ but are so quick to judge and call out others for doing something we think is ‘unchristian like.’ (I put these words in quotations because I think many of us do not know the true biblical meaning of these words but I will touch on that in a different entry.) We are so blinded by or want to hide our sins and shortcomings that we make it a mission to bring to light the flaws and shortcomings of others. The same people who we call brother and sister. As John 8:7 states, unless you are WITHOUT sin, how dare you cast harsh judgment on someone else not knowing anything about them. It is our quick judgment that often makes people feel uncomfortable coming to church. It is this ‘I am holier than thou’ attitude that keeps God from truly using us to minister to the masses. And it is that same nasty attitude that keep you stagnant in your walk with Christ. Do not get me wrong, I am preaching to myself as well.

Just because you are not cursing, cheating, stealing, or fornicating does NOT make you any better than your fellow brother or sister, who may be doing these things. Remember no sin is greater than the next. God uses us, and takes us on very different paths. We all have our demons and NO ONE but God can help us fights those demons. We do not control who gets through the gates of heaven, God does. Our salvation is not based on what people think or believe; it is based ONLY upon God. So how dare we as believers condemn someone to hell or question their walk with God just because their walk looks nothing like yours. Read this carefully: It is THEIR WALK with THEIR God NOT their walk with YOU, GOD, and themselves. As people longing for an intimate relationship with God, we must sharpen one another (Proverbs 27:17), love sincerely (Romans 12:9), be without judgment because MERCY triumphs over judgment (James 2:13; 4:11-12), and be a light unto this world (Matthew 5:14-16).

If you see a brother or sister struggling with their walk in Jesus, pray with them, love them but do NOT judge and cast them away. Remember when you were that newborn in Christ? Were you always perfect? Did you have it all together? I am 100% sure that you didn’t. But by the grace of God, and maybe even with the love and support of another likeminded brother/sister, you made it to where you are today. You are beginning and developing that strong bong with God. Now it is our duty to help other newborns grow. We need to have a nurturing spirit. Our actions and tongues need to be that love and wisdom. So today, I challenge you to say a prayer for someone you may have judged too quickly or harshly. Show them that being Christian does not mean you are ‘holier than thou’ but that you are a sinner redeemed, a light unto this world, and a shoulder they can lean on when things get tough. Be disciples of Jesus, not Pharisees. Remember that Jesus did not come to this world to save the ‘healthy, but for the sinners’ (Mark 2:17). We are ALL sinners, we are ALL children of Jesus Christ. So let us help one another, not condemn. Christ did not die so we could step over one another’s toes and be cruel. This walk with God is not a competition. Remember this and remember God’s greatest gift… Love.


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