A Letter From God

Dear Lise,

You called me today and kept saying hello. For some reason you couldn’t hear me so you assumed that I too was deaf to your calling but I wasn’t. I heard you. I always do. I heard everything you said and I must say your words and your agony brought tears to my eyes. You’re sad and hurt and confused. You keep giving the pieces of your heart to a man who isn’t destined to have it. You break your back forward and backwards for the people you love. I must say you truly are made in my image; always showing love more than you know how to say it. My child, I saw you give up today. You laid at my feet, cried and I could see what was going on in your head. Thoughts of death, thoughts of worthlessness. I could see you willing and begging your heart to stop. I could see every bone in your body breaking with defeat. My child I am interceding for you because I am not done with you. You have given pieces of yourself to this world but what about me Lise? What about me? I died in that world for you. They too tried to destroy me because I was good and all things Light. My child, so are you. Of course they will try to destroy you, I warned you that they would. But you keep running from me and to them. What about me? I knew you before this world of sin embraced you. I wrote your story but you would not follow it. I made royalty of you. Told you to keep your head up so your crown would fall but you’ve tried to snatch the pen from me and I am still fighting you. Lise, you ask for this love. A love so unexplainable, strong, breathtaking. A love that wills you to hope and love again. I have that love. All for you. I’ve given it to you but I don’t think you’re listening or feeling. Lise, please get up. I hope you hear me because I can’t lose you. We are not done. Lise, please wake up, get up. I named you Resilient for a reason.


2 thoughts on “A Letter From God

  1. This letter has so much truth in it. I identify with so many of these events and it’s sad. We need to be strong in our faith and put ALL of our trust in him. It’s a hard thing to do, but all he asks is for your heart and some time. Be blessed, Lise.


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