Have You Healed or Crippled Someone Today?

Today as I am reading my bible, I begin at Acts 3. It begins with a story of Peter healing a crippled beggar just as Jesus had done. At first all the beggar does is ask for money but as Peter approaches, his response and action towards the beggar is nothing but remarkable and a true testament to the kind of man Jesus prepared him to be. He says, “I don’t have any silver or gold. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!” Can you imagine!! I would have loved to be there and witness such a miracle. There was no way that this beggar could have imagined that he would wake up that day and get something that no silver or gold could buy; the healing of the Holy Spirit. The beggar than begins walking and praising God and I tell you as I read this verse, my heart filled with so much joy. I realized just at that moment that God gives us that same power today. Think about it!

Everyday we wake up and go about our days and often times we are just so consumed by our lives that we don’t give an ounce of time to God nor do we remember that we are a light unto this world, so we must shine for the glory of God. As believers we have something to give this world, a healing to give that money cannot buy. Each time you step out and speak life , encouragement, and hope into the life of someone else, you are healing them! You are showing them the wonders of God through you! It is your  moment to minister to every person you meet by your actions and words which should always be led by God. All of these things money cant buy. No silver! No gold! That is all God is asking of you. So today I challenge myself and you to be like Peter and understand that God has placed a power of healing within us to bless and show this world. So don’t suppress that power. Live each day as Jesus did, serving others, loving others; all things which no money can buy.

So today ask yourself, have you healed or crippled someone today?


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