May Month a.k.a My Victory Celebration Month

Just three days into the month and two more days until my 21s birthday, am excited!!!!! May is one of my favorite months for obvious reasons of course but today I woke up thinking about something different. Yes in just 2 days I will be celebrating 21 years of life but right now I am celebrating much more than that. I keep thinking, just five months into the year and look what God has done!!!!! I am thinking and seeing all the wonderful things that God has done for me, all the blessing and his continuous grace in my life. This time last year, I was crying, depressed, confused, hurt, angry and ready to drop out of school. Thinking about who I was and the things I had done that were so out of the grace and will of God you would probably have met me back then and never imagined I would be the woman I am today. But that is what’s so AMAZING about my God! He takes the hurt, confused, and imperfect and molds them into a masterpiece no mortal man could have ever imagine possible. He took the girl who was neck high in sin, suicidal, felt worthless, befriended lust and confusion, laid in bed with the lies of the devil, the girl who was too ashamed to let her trials and tribulations be testimonies for the kingdom of God, the girl who thought her life was hers for the taking, the girl who couldn’t even look at her self in the mirror. My God took the girl who though it was okay to just wear any little things, say and act how she pleased, the girl who ran from Him time and time again, the girl who forgot she was born into a royal family, the girl who questioned the love of God, and the girl who was too broken to be put back together. My God took that girl and made her into a woman!

Not just any woman, but woman who is kind, gentle, humble, a woman who knows her worth, a woman walking in her purpose, beautiful, righteous, acceptable, redeemed, eternally loved and filled with the Holy Spirit. My Lord and Savior took me back, the prodigal daughter, and made me whole. I no longer search for love and acceptance from man, many of the indulgences of this world no longer appeal to me, my heart and mind are fixed on Him, HIs will, His desires, and HIs assignments for me. Today I am a woman who prays and kneels before God before I run away, I do my best to speak love and life into those around me. I strive daily to live a life worthy of being called the “Daughter of a King.”  I am by nowhere means perfect or have it all together where I don’t slip and fall but I never fall out of HIs grace because my God’s love  is not contingent upon my actions (thank God for that!) but His love is eternal, unconditional and it is that love that has brought me here today to celebrate another year of life. But more so, another year of victory! He took the rags of me and made them into riches! So today and everyday to come celebrate victory, celebrate life, celebrate and praise the God almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent, holy and powerful. Have you celebrated today? 🙂


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