Your Presence Was Never Wanted

I saw Haitian sidewalks crack and become two this morning

Saw the sky turn pitch black

Hearts turned away from all things love

Each syllable attempted was gas to a fire already lit

Each gaze cutting deep into the souls I had once believed were sacred and indestructible

The ground beneath us shook

Tore down all the love and security I felt was ours

Up rose the pride and stubbornness that destroyed what little hope was left

Saw the Holy Spirit flee this dwelling place

Witnessed shackles caressing their humanity as though our God hadn’t given them freedom

Today I saw Haitian flags being burned

Today he and she became two mismatched sides of heaven I never knew existed

A foreign presence made a home in our hearts and minds

Began forming a child of misconception that no one asked for

Its presence was over bearing, unwanted, hurtful

I hated it but my Haitian home was being drowned with this thing

Saw buildings that stood strong for twenty years crumble like week old bread

Saw seven letter form something that was anything but perfection, completion

Today divorce paid a visit and never left


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