Listen, Listen, Listen!!

This morning I woke up feeling not myself, as one would say. I knew that I was not going to be able to make it to church, so I turned on the television, telling myself I would find some church service to watch. I stopped at the first one I saw and thank God I did because the message was just what I needed. It spoke about trust God and Waiting for His timing. Both were areas I know that I struggle with as a believer. Before the pastor ended he suggested that when you go to pray or have our quiet moment with God, first listen. Sit there, wherever you are and just ask God to speak to you and listen. I have heard this before but I could not remember the last time I actually just went into prayer ready to listen. For me, I had a list of things to repent for, a list of request and all kinds of stuff I felt like I needed to tell God but I don’t think I ever shut my mouth, turned my brain off and listened to God.

After the sermon was over, I wrote a short prayer to God in my journal and was ready to go into prayer, ears and heart wide open. I closed my eyes, tried my best to clear everything from my mind (which is not easy for me) and listened. Boy!!! Let me tell you! The minute I did that, I could just hear God revealing so much to me and many of them were some of the things I had desired to do but wanted His confirmation. For the at short moment that I was able to just sit there and listen to Him speak to me, He revealed five important things He wanted me to do that would help HIs children in this amazing kingdom we are blessed to be a part of. I am glad I woke up this morning and made the decision to spend time with Him. Because I know that I am one step closer to continuing to walk in my purpose, glorify Him and stat off my day as well as my week on a strong foundation and positive attitude.

So today I challenge you to have that moment where you just listen! Ask God to speak into your heart and give you the discerning and obedient spirit t listen to Him. And when you hear what God has to tell you, don’t just hear it, but write it down quickly. And know this: when God gives you an assignment, He already has given you everything you need to carry it out but as humans we sometimes can not see that. God does not leave us unprepared at all. Look at Moses for example. When God called him to lead His people our of Egypt, Moses was worried because he didn’t have the words, or presence of a leader but God gave Him everything He needed!! Please remember not limit yourself and most importantly do NOT LIMIT GOD!

God Bless, XOXOXO


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