Soul Ties and Lies And New Things To Come

I am so excited to say I have launched a sister site to this blog!! On May 28th, after months of planning, I finally kicked off my new site entitled Soul Ties and Lies and I must say God is good! In the first 3 hours I had over 70 views and in the past three days more than 100. I thank God that He gave me the courage to continue to share and minister to His children and even those who are still seeking Him. At this season of my life, God is doing so much with me and I know that the devil is not happy but I do not care because my God is a WINNER! I just ask for prayer and strength and courage to be bold in my faith and my praise.

Along with this new site and my book that I am working on, I have been working on videos that I will launch on a new YouTube page which I know will be another step in walking in my purpose. The goal is to have it launched in  late August. I thank everyone for their support, prayers and constant encouragement. I know that God is not done with me yet and I know that I was put here for a purpose. As I always say its not an easy journey but it is one that is worth it and filled with more joy and peace than anything else. I will post the link to the sister site below and keep you all updated with everything going on 🙂

Also before I forget, if you didn’t notice, I finally have my own .com domain!!!! It is now simply Look at God!!! In just five months, God has allowed me to do so much and I thank Him for finding me worth enough to love and use to better and encourage His kingdom

Soul Ties and Lies (S.T.A.L) link–>


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