Don’t Be Fooled

“Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge?” (Job 38) Simply put, may people know all the right words to say yet can be without knowledge. If you sit there and listen to these foolish people who think they have all the answers, especially in terms of the word of God, then you will certainly be misguided. So keep this in mind: people will talk and talk and seem like they have all the answers in the world but in reality have no wisdom nor knowledge. That is why it is IMPERATIVE that you have a spirit of discernment and that you read and KNOW about your God so that no one can tell you about your God.

2 Peter 2 talks about false prophets and trust me there are hundreds out there! Just because this man or woman has a mic, is breathing hard and screaming and shouting the Lord’s name does not mean he/she is anointed by God to be teaching and doing such work! And if you are a Luke warm Christian who solely depends on a pastor to clarify and tell you about your bible– your syllabus to life; then my friend you are certainly lost and these false prophets will only drag you further from God. Peter further goes to say that “they will be paid back for the harm they have done!” God will deal with them. “They seduce the unstable “those who have not the spirit of discernment, those who are judgmental and don’t have their own personal relationship with Christ.” “Springs without water” and the word of God is the living water, one that you will drink and never be parched but what good is a spring without water. What good is a so called preacher, minister, etc. without water, the bread, the word of God, the anointing! “Empty mouths, boastful words and by appealing to the lustful desires of the flesh, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error.”

“People are slaves to whatever has mastered them” and some of you are slaves to your preacher and not followers of God. If your pastor says to do this and without even questioning if he has the spirit of the Lord upon his heart you just do it! If you don’t even have the courage to speak to him or ask him questions then that is a problem! He is not God and any man of God who fears correction, needs much prayer (as we all do but you get my point).

If you have escaped the corruption of this world by knowing and accepting Jesus Christ but then become consumed by one of these false prophets and watered down version of the Gospel, you honestly are worse off now then you were before. Because sooner or later these teachings will lead you things not of Christ and God forbid you turn you back on the teachings because you have been pumped and poisoned with all the nonsense. Would it not have been better have you never found that ‘righteousness’ in the first place?

So please, I encourage you know and seek God for yourself. Ask Him for that spirit of discernment and to guide you to man of God who has the anointing on him and his tongue. Jesus died for us all and gave us all the Holy Spirit; because of that never feel as though you must go through someone else to experience His love and conviction for yourself.

XOXOXO, your sister in Christ J


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