I am standing here sweating, breathing hard and excited for reasons I cannot begin to described. One would think I would still be in shock considering I was almost hit by a car just now on my run back home but God has put so much clarity in my mind and peace in my heart that it’s crazy and I knew He was calling me to my laptop so I could share.

I have been struggling spiritually this past week. It like I would have these moments where I just felt distant, didn’t want to pray and didn’t even want to write the way I used. I felt myself beginning to take control of my life, my thoughts (as though they were my own) and making list of things I wanted to know and not once was I consulting God in my decisions. I spent this past week not working out (part of that was due to an injury), not reading my bible like I should have (considering God was taking me to a new level and I needed to feed my spirit more) and feeling overwhelmed by things I could not even begin to put into words. So this weekend I told myself I had to get back to grinding. I woke up, ate a good breakfast (if you know anything about you would know that this breakfast consisted of only a protein shake with spinach and fruits 🙂 ) and decided that I would run 4 miles today and also use this run to clear my mind, talk to God and listen to the things He has to tell me.

The first thing that was different about this run was my mindset. I was going to go on a run with God, I said. This wasn’t just about getting back to my healthy lifestyle but also about finding new and creative ways to have and spend time with God. And that is the first thing believers have an issue with today. We limit what having quiet time with God looks likes. No you don’t have to be at church, or locked up in your room with a bible that you probably are not even really going to read and understand. You spend your quiet time with God how HE leads you too. Next thing was instead of playing my workout playlist which is filled with Chris Brown, Migos, and other turnt secular music and R&B, I listened to my gospel playlist. I was jamming! At first I found myself focusing only on making sure I was breathing and running the whole first mile and not focusing on God. So I finished my first two miles, took a deep breath and focused on the real purpose of what I was doing.

Next thing I knew, I was completely focused on God. I was praying, and speaking life. I found myself filled with the Spirit, speaking in tongues and interceding in prayer for many people in my life. I felt amazing! And I could feel God smiling at me as though saying “I missed you.” I ran from my apartment to my campus track, ran around the track and back home and before I knew it: I had ran 4.51 miles and spent over an hour just in the midst of God’s grace and favor. I felt amazing.

The Holy Spirit communicated these things with me:

  1. You cannot do this alone! Nothing you want to achieve will be done if not with ME!
  2. I love you and miss you just as I would any of my children. It is not I that runs and is distant from you but it’s you that has built this wall of no communication and distrust between us. I had you run today so you can see physically what you were doing with me spiritually…RUNNING! So please, Stop!
  3. I am trying to take you on the next level. And this means that you have to pray more, read more, spend more time with me more. You can’t keep doing the same little things you used to and expect me to bring you further into your purpose.
  4. There is no condemnation for you. I have forgiven and accepted you before you even knew of my power and position



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