I Am Yours

I saw them crucify you. Tried and convicted you. They made tiger strips of your back for me. Now I am no mathematician in fact I am not very good with operations but I saw you add grace, mercy and love to S.I.N and replaced it with Father, Son, and Spirit. So today my Pythagorean Theorem doesn’t equal death squared but infinite salvation. Today, I see them wear you around their necks but your word was never meant to be a noose. Verses tatted on their chest as though such ink could cover the darkness lying underneath.

Oh how sin can be a silent killer to those who are too blind to see, to ignorant to seek knowledge. But you, you saved me. Made something out of nothing if I was anything at all. Made Calvary the stage where all mankind understood the depths of love. Showed me that love doesn’t fit in between my thighs when you showed me that love is you. Named me gospel and righteous, bathe me in love, called me your child, danced in my heart, gave warmth to this carcass of a human being and made me yours when no one else wanted me.

So I will die to self for you. I will dance like your beloved David did for you. Rip every piece of clothing from this temple and allow my praise to exonerate me. There is power in these steps. Hands lifted high. Talk about love. Talk about freedom, when you injected me with forgiveness, made me an addict of love, laced my tongue with life and truth. So yes, I am yours. Not part of me but all of me. From my praise, to my thoughts, to my will and desires, my flaws, my body and even the things I hate about myself. God it’s yours. No more fractioning pieces of me. Giving you parts of me. It wasn’t part of you that was pierced for me. It wasn’t part of you that loved me. It wasn’t part of you that was sacrificed for me. It was all of you for all of me. So today and forevermore it is all of you that is yours. I’m yours


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