It Is Finished

It is finished He said. On that hill His last cry was “It Is Finished.” It took me years to understand what was finished and then I knew. My false guilt was finished. My condemnation was finished. Feelings of unworthiness. Finished. Sin, the curse of it. Finished. His sacrifice was for me to be made whole. Brand new. He ended and broke the shackles as He drew His last breathe. The ultimate sacrifice. The ultimate action of love. He told me it was finished. He reminded me that every time I forgot to seek Him, each time I felt insecure and believed lies that I was not worth it, each time was like de JA vu. Stabbing that spear through His rib again. He baptized me with the same blood He shed. It is finished. Let it go. I died for it. He did for you. Don’t let it be in vain. Don’t you dare believe the lies, for it was finished before you drew your first breathe. Do not let history repeat itself.

Listen, listen closely. You hear the wind, you the sound of His creation. This is all because He said it is finished. Our God is the same as He was yesterday, today and forever more. So no more letting fear and guilt control you. Let the enemy play hopscotch in your mind, dance in your heart. It is not where he belongs. It was not for Him that this was finished. Don’t love a devil that set out to destroy you Darkness is not your place. Such lamp is said to shine. You weren’t meant to be hidden. Even in the dark skies there are stars and the moon to show that light will always penetrate darkness. Dominion. For it is finished. So stop, stop living a life that He did not die for. He said it Is finished, offered you His last breathe, came back for you to show you that He is the only one with power over death. He laughs in the face death and darkness and gave you a kingdom to belong to. Made you heirs. So it’s your choice. Let it be finished or let it finish you


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