God-Made Ministry Does Not Falter

In Acts 5 we are introduced to a wise Pharisee by the name of Gamaliel, a teacher and highly recognized man of the Law. Gamaliel was also a teacher to Saul who was saved and later became known as Paul (Acts 22:3). To begin, I will give a small summary to what is happening in this chapter of Acts. Peter and the apostles are arrested (this is the second time since Pentecost) for doing what Jesus commanded them to do in the Great Commission. But “during the night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and led them out” (Acts 5:19). The morning of the trial, when the ‘prisoners’ (the apostles) are summoned they are nowhere to be found in the cell and instead are found standing in the temple, preaching! Fast forward, they are brought back to courts before the Sadducees (the same court appointed officials who are responsible for the death of Jesus Christ) before being threaten, beaten and let go. The Sadducees are filled with jealousy and want these apostles dead! But in the defense of the apostles, Gamaliel speaks up (it is amazing how when you are doing God’s work that even those who once oppose it will speak on your behalf! What a God!) in verses 35-40 basically telling the officials this: Let these men be, because history shows that movements founded by men die with them but those founded by God live on, beyond the death of their leader! So if this movement and teaching they are doing is man-made that it will be destroyed and disarmed on its own. But this movement was God-made!. Christ had died but His movement, word and authority still lived on through these men because it was a ministry ordained, promised and fulfilled by God!

Today so many people wake up with a want to start a ministry and stamp God’s name on it. They say that God revealed to them to start up a church and do all these seemingly amazing things but they have ulterior motives.  These ‘ministers, men and women of God’ only want the fame and money they believe will come from their said ministry. These man-made, deceiving ministries will not prosper. They may look successful but God has His way of dealing with these fakes so do not fret and let false prophets direct away from the truth of the Lord and the truth of the Church.

True ministry is something that has nothing to do with you, the person. It is Christ alone that has a ministry and He is just USING you as a vessel to do His work. I’ll say this again, YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT THE TRUE FOUNDER OF TRUTH AND MINISTRY. When God is truly using you as a vessel to begin or further a ministry, that ministry will ALWAYS prosper. Whether something happens to you or not the ministry of God will continue to serve its purpose. Theudas (verse 36) a false prophet came and had a following of about 400 men or so and when he was killed all those who obeyed and followed him were dispersed and nothing came of his so called ministry. Same thing again with Judas the Galilean. But not with our Christ the Savior! He came, began a ministry ordained and blessed by the Father, He was crucified for us, rose from the dead, returned to His rightful throne, and His ministry and Gospel continued to be preached! Even today, we are bathing in the love and success of this amazing Ministry of Truth!

So my brothers and sister please remember this: When you have a ministry you did not found it. God did and HE is simply using you as a vessel to do His work. Never place yourself on a podium to think that you did this. You did nothing! Be humbled that our Lord and Savior saw something in you to use you to further His ministry! Let your life be a sacrifice and ministry to the work of the Lord. God has an assignment for us all that must be completed and if you allow yourself to get high and mighty and not give glory and honor where it is due, then God will use someone else! Don’t be left behind. Remember you are someone because of God and ministry and truth comes from Him!

God Bless


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