Christians Are Built in the Fire

Pick up your bible and you will find countless accounts of believers who went through hell and back because of their desire and call to follow Jesus Christ and plant themselves in the garden of the Gospel. Jesus Christ was humiliated and crucified. Stephen was stoned to death. Luke, John the Baptist, Peter, etc. The list goes on and on of the many men and woman who chose God above all else. They counted it a privileged to be worthy enough to suffer for the Lord (Acts 5:41.) So today, it is absolutely ridiculous to believe that this walk with Christ into the fulfillment of our assignments will be without difficulty. God does not promise that taking up His cross will be easy but He has always promised to be by our side, to arm us with all that we need, to be a comforter for us and to never leave us stranded. If Jesus, Paul, Stephen and all these notable believers suffered, who are you to think you are above them and not deserving of hardship!

Sometimes as Christians when things get tough we want to assume that God is punishing us, or we run from Him and sometimes we run for years. But it is in the fire that you are being stripped of all the weakness and iniquities that are keeping you from fully surrendering to the will of God. You will face humiliation. People will gossip about you, lie on you, lace your name and reputation with dirt and false accusations. Your so called friends will become enemies. Family will turn their back on you and try to stray you from your destiny. So called pastors will make you think they are God but always remember “We must obey God rather than man” (Acts 5:29 MEV).The more you go on this journey with Christ, revoking all your ties with this world, the more you will see your life change. You will lose friends but you will have such a joy to know that God has chosen you, and all you will be able to do is lift your hands up high and say “Blessed be your name Lord!” We are made in the Fire. It is when you have no one left and the only option you have is to run to God. It is when you realize you were never meant to be a servant of this world- that your life is not your own. It is when the love, peace and joy of the Lord has penetrated through every small pore on your body that you will conquer and not be burned by this fire. Instead the fire will cleanse you, the hand of the Lord will mold you, and your life, and your word will be a song of victory. Amen to that!

It is through the fire and opposition that you are legitimized as a child of God. If you find yourself being saved and years go by and you have all the same friends, you indulge in all the pleasures of the flesh, and you find that you only need God sometimes then I suggest you fall to your knees, face on the ground and seek God because something is not right. If the word of God does not convict every iniquity in you, make you fall to the ground and repent, begging for His mercy and forgiveness then there is a connection that isn’t there. You don’t have the rest of your life to get it together. We are the bride of Christ and He is coming back for us. He isn’t going to wait until you get it together. He isn’t going to wait for you to realize that you must go through the fire in order to conquer it. Don’t be left behind. Today is your day to make the decision to go back to the One who created you. To make a sacrifice of the life that He so desperately want as His. He wants to mold you and change you and perfect you. He has called you to excellence. To be all that He has dreamt. He wants you to house His Holy Spirit and give joy and all the things you could never imagine. So yes, it’s time to let it burn. Time to get into that furnace and say, “Lord, have your way with me. Burn it all down. My desire, my flaws. Burn it down. Create a clean slate God. Make a blank canvas of me. Fill me up with your Spirit, Lord. For I am yours and yours alone. All of me.”

So today, take a look in the mirror. Think about the sin that you are most defensive about because that is the one destroying you the most, take it and run to the altar with it. Give it to God, be honest and transparent and get ready for your fire, fully trusting the Lord in all that He does.

God Bless. XOXOXO


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