We Gotta Function

Has your arms ever tried to walk for you? Or your eyes try to smell for you instead of your nose? If you’re human, then I am 100% sure the answer to those questions is a no. Each body part has its own and unique function. You have eyes to see, nose to smell, feet to walk, heart to beat blood throughout your body and your arms to lift and pick up things. Basically you as an individual would not properly function if all of a sudden the different parts of your body attempted to do something completely different. Each thing needs the other, everything must work together to accomplish the goal of keep you alive and stable. Think about it.

Using that, let’s look at our role in the kingdom. Many of us have this, “I don’t need anyone, I can do it on my own” attitude and to be honest there were moments where I was the same way. I felt as though I could be everything to everybody but no one could be anything that I needed them to be for me. I would pray for myself, by myself and always felt weak or embarrassed to talk to anyone about that I was struggling with. Here I was, in the body of Christ, and wanted to be my own individual; doing it all on my own. That is like me trying to do the job of seeing, walking, smelling, touching, and existing using one body part. It’s impossible and most importantly, God did not create us to be alone or live that way. And I don’t say that in the sense of being with a romantic partner but more so in the sense that God wants us to be a community of people who love and seek Him, in His body.

When the first church was created, each disciple played their role. They did sermons, preached the gospel, and healed people together. Even Jesus, when He came to minister love and later die for our sins did not further His ministry on HIs own. He used people and had a team. I am sure that our Lord and Savior could have come and did His thing but He knew that in order for His ministry to spread and still change the lives of people till this day and forever more that He needed a community. He needed different body parts to serve various functions to be effective.

The problem occurs when we step out of the desires and what God wanted and intended for us to be as members of HIs body. We go on this lone ranger lifestyle and only find ourselves more isolated from people but also from God. When you are weak, fighting temptation, struggling with depression or anything of that nature, you cannot find all the strength that you need within yourself. You need God but God uses people. So if God is trying to use someone in your community to help and pray and minister to but you have closed yourself off, then how can you overcome that.  You need like minded people praying for you and with you. You need a community of brothers and sisters who will intercede for you, laugh with and cry with you. It makes the process a little less painful and lonely. We weren’t created to be alone.

Romans 12:4-8 (MEV) “For just as we have many arts in one body, and not all parts save the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and all are parts of another. We have diverse gifts according to the grace that is given to us: if prophecy, according to the proportion of faith; if service, in serving; he who teaches, in teaching; he who exhorts, in exhortation; he who gives, with generosity; he who rules, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness.”

I don’t think I could have found a more perfect verse to tie in the topic of this. I am also preaching to myself as I write this because there are still moments when I find myself alone in my room, and crying and feeling like I have to walk this walk by myself. I push my friends away and anyone near me but God is constantly checking me on that. No matter how much I want to believe this, I am not superwoman. He reminds me to call that friend of mine who understands the power of prayer, have a meal with a sister or brother who can encourage and speak life into me when I feel that the valley of shadow of death is something I cannot overcome. Community is vital to our walk with Christ. It is vital to any ministry. And most importantly is what God desires and intends for us.


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