When Christians Have Hurt You…..

Often times I am asked about my faith and commitment to Christ by unbelievers. More so those who have been hurt by people who call themselves Christians, or have been judged by the church and ‘church folk’. It is saddening to me to see that a beautiful soul was pushed away from God because of what so called Christians say or do. These unbelievers now feel more accepted and loved by the world than by the people of God and even God Himself. And when that sense of love and security and trust is gone, it is hard to get that back. It is just crazy to me how Christians don’t seem to stop people going anywhere but church.

Sometimes I don’t even like saying that I am Christian because there so many bad stigmas and connotations to the word now. People assume that I am judgmental, harsh, unforgiving, bible toting and condemning like every ‘bad’ Christian they have met. All things that we shouldn’t stand for. I prefer to just say that I believe in Christ and yeah you can say that is what Christianity means but I am not defined by simply a religion. I care more about my relationship with Christ. Christ came to love and die for the same people that we as Christians today sometimes chase away. We forget that Christ said, “Come as you are.” Come to me, broken, hurt, unwanted, ashamed, filthy. I want you.” We as Christians forget how broken and dirty we were when we first came to Christ and act like we are high and mighty and forget to check our hearts. Without checking our hearts and remembering where we come from, it will be easy to have a negative connotation about the people God chooses us to serve and minister to. Check yourself before God deals with you for pushing and condemning another one of His children away; a right you do not have and cannot afford.

And to those who have been hurt and turned away from God and the church I would like to say a few things to you:

I am sorry. I am sorry that you had a bad experience and the church betrayed you. Sorry that you may have been to a church who cares more about profit than it cares about its people. But I pray that these words give you faith again. I want you to know that God wants you. He loves you and died for you just as much as He died for me. Please, do not let humans keep you away from a God who has so much love to give. If you want, look at it this way: Immature people don’t like sharing when they have found a good thing. You don’t have to be perfect. I am not perfect. I’ve dealt with depression, lied, worn provocative clothing, struggled with lust, have piercings, I used to drink and party all the time and entertain little boys I had no business being with. I even tried killing myself once and you know what: God still told me that He wanted me. He steered me towards good and mature people who could and did help me. So please, come back into the arms of the God who created you. I will pray for you and with you. I am interceded for you. You are chosen. You were chosen even before you knew what it was to exist, so please take my hand and let’s walk back to the throne of God. I love you, He loves. Say this prayer with me:

“God, I ran away from because I thought you didn’t love me. The people you told to reach out to me, hurt me. They made me feel like I was too damaged and wrong and unwanted. But God I ask you to help me to forgive them, I ask that you forgive them too and I pray that today, it a new day for me…for us. Amen.”


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