Love It Dont Judge It

Often times I feel as though believers try to have a list of what a Christian is. As though there is a model, a specific type and way a Christian should look like, act like, and just plain be like. This type of thinking clouds our perceptions and we become judgmental to people we regard as not ‘fitting the mold.’ If we are not careful our blindness, in this sense, can cause us to miss out on ministering to someone God has sent us to. This ‘model’ Christian that we create is often times because we forget where we came from. We forget the mess and dirt that God had to pull us from to become who we are and STILL without God even you don’t fill this mold that you have let yourself to believe actually exist. It doesn’t.

In Acts 10:34-35 Peter tells us, “I know realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears Him and does what is right.” It doesn’t say that God accepts those who speak proper, come to church every Sunday, looks a certain way, etc. God shows no favoritism! He just wants those who fear Him and does what is right. We are in no place to judge whether or not someone is a true Christian or if someone is truly saved. As believers we do not have that authority. Our duty to love one another as ourselves, serve Christ whole-heartedly and keep our minds meditated on Him. We have to stop running people away with our judgements and ridiculous criteria for being a ‘true’ Christian. We must act in love. It is love that changes us. Jesus showed that perfectly. He did not come to earth and criticize and categorize those who were perfect from those we were not. He did not give a list and start marking people off. No! He showed loved, rebuked in love, gave grace and mercy to us and commanded us to love one another. That’s what is missing in our churches today. Too much judgement and criticism and not enough love.

Remember we aren’t perfect, there is no criteria or check list, and most of all it is not your place to make decisions about anyone’s relationship with God. It is just that THEIR relationship with God. Let’s gear our focus back to what is right and true and in the world. Look at your mistakes and downfalls; bring them to the alter and allow God to change your hearts and then PRAY that your brother and sisters are led to do the same. Only God can change us and move our hearts. Criticism and judgement chase people from God and that is not what we are even called to do. Instead learnt he power of bended knees and not always using that tongue to destroy.

Love you all.



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