Not Just Jews or Gentiles

One of my favorite book in the bible to study is Acts. I love learning about the early days of the Church and how everything unfolded after Jesus Christ returned to heaven. As I was studying the other day, I noticed a parallel. There was much division between the Jews and the Gentiles and this was a definite barrier to the spread of the good news at times. As the gospel spread, many wanted to mainly share it with Jews and not Gentiles. They wanted to stay amongst the circumcised and the ‘like-minded’ as you could say. But that is not what Jesus wanted. He wanted everyone, Jew or Gentile, to hear His word and have the chance at salvation. Today, many of us do the same things. We invite only other church folk to church. Ignore those we think aren’t worthy at work. We judge and talk about those who are not believers instead of sharing our testimony and our God with them and then we wonder why there are not enough people in the church.

Jesus Christ called us to be fishermen of men. He wants us to share Him with those that do not know Him. Notice how He chose men who at one point persecuted Him (Paul) and men who were anything but perfect to follow and continue His work. He ate and ministered to Jews, Gentiles and all likes of people. Christ showed no favoritism in who He healed, touch, or ministered. As Christians we have to have that same attitude. You don’t have to carry your bible around and yell at people telling them they are going to hell if they don’t turn to God. There are so many ways to share the love of God and minister to someone without all that extra stuff. Simply telling someone of something wonderful God has done for you or showing compassion and mercy to someone who has hurt and done you wrong. All these things slowly show those around a glimpse at the power and love of God.

God isn’t asking us to ensure people’s salvation, He wants us to plant seeds, pray for that person and let Him do the rest. It is our own ignorance and lack of meditating the word of God to truly know what He wants that hinders us in reaching out the lost souls that God needs us too. Share God’s love with everyone from the man or woman who curses like a sailor, the liars, cheaters, homosexuals, fornicators, black, white, Asian, etc. It’s love and acceptance that brings people to Christ. Remember the reason you came to Christ. It was the love you felt from Him and knowing that here was a mighty power willing and ready to accept you as you are, full of grace and mercy for you. Remember that and share that moment. Be a story teller of Christ and a spreader of love and watch those who are hurt and seeking for something greater than they could ever imagine come to the God you talk to highly about.

Try it


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