Mission Trip 2016

I have always wanted to go on a mission trip. For a long time, I felt as though ministry and missions was something God really was calling me to. So when the opportunity came for me to attend my first ever mission trip, you would think I was so excited and nothing could have stopped me right?? No. At first I was slightly happy about the possibility of going but then I found myself not wanting to go anymore because of plans I had already made for myself this following year.

I had not even asked God permission about anything I was planning and sat here wondering why I was feeling confused and lost as to what to do. So this past week, I really began falling back in love with God and His word and felt His desires for me burning in my heart. Thus it led to me desiring to go on this mission trip to serve my God by serving His people.

So, I would love everyone’s support in helping me raise money to go to my first ever mission trip. The link is below and you’ll see my story and where i will be going. Again, thank you in advance for all the prayer and financial support!



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