As the New Year quickly approaches, I find myself reflecting on this year and trying to prepare myself for 2016. This year has been filled with many downs but even more ups for me. God has taken me through some forest and dark places, all the while changing and molding me into a woman I never imagined I could be. He gave me strength and love to go through many trials and tribulations but most of all, through it all, He gave me victory. I saw that God truly had chosen me to be a part of a kingdom that without His grace, I would never have found a home in. This year He gave me joy and peace, a new church home, self-love, and a relationship that some mornings I wake up and am still in disbelief at how He perfectly crafted a man who is led by Him to love a once broken vessel such as me.

This year I saw my parents’ marriage end and a stronghold began to form in my life but God.. I tell you, BUT GOD brought me through it. His words and His faithfulness has given the knife to cut that stronghold and His love for me continues to grow and I have seen and am a witness to the fruits of the Spirit because my God has bestowed an abundance of grace upon me.

In the midst of my tears, mistakes, heartbreaks and all the things that life throws at us, I was never alone. Even when I felt alone, the Holy Spirit and its conviction always inhabited my heart and for that I am thankful. I was not given riches this year, all of my wishes weren’t granted, but that was the best thing that could have happened because this year God showed me something: He will never leave my side and I am always forgiven and worthy in His eyes.

He has given me a task to write and minister and witness for Him and it is an assignment I’m honored to have and with that I say this prayer:

“Lord I pray to be as faithful to you as you have always been to me. I pray for the Wisdom of Solomon, the spirit of boldness and faithfulness of Paul, and the strength and courage of Esther. I ask that you teach me to go to war through prayer, that you drench me with a spirit of love and forgiveness that touches every believer and non-believer that I come in contact with. God at this moment, I die to flesh and surrender all that I am and all that you will make me to you. Lord, I am yours, from the moment I began to form in my mother’s womb to the day I resurrect with you—I am yours and for that I thank you for adopting a wrench like me. I love you more than I know to say but I know my actions will say more than I can say. So as this year comes to an end and you once again bless me with another, I say this Lord: use me until there is nothing left but you.”

I encourage you all to take some time away from everything today, reflect on this year and the victories God has granted you, and to thank Him. Make your request known to Him and see your life transform for Him because of Him. Remember, all the glory belongs to Him. Only He deserves it and if you think you made it through this year with all that you have without Him, then I pray you repent today for that thought and run back to who you belong to.

God bless you and God loves you for everything that you are now, past, present and future. XOXOXO


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