New Year, Same God

As the first day of the New Year comes to an end, I am beyond grateful that God has blessed me with the opportunity to see this day. Just earlier this afternoon, I was reading how Natalie Cole died last night before the New Year came and imagine how many more people were not able to see the sun shine this morning. So, I just want to thank God for that and for being the only constant presence n my life.

With the New Year now, here and present, all I want to do is ask God for one thing: To intimately know who He is, who He has always been. I want this year to be the year that prayer becomes my defense and strength at all times. I want to be saturated with the will and desires of God, as though they are my own. I want to live and walk in purpose every moment of everyday. I want to be a woman after God’s own heart. I want to trust God with all of me. I want to change this world through the power of God that I know is and has always been within me.

I am not praying for prosperity, or good grades, or anything material because I know that if those things are in God’s will then they will come. But my purpose and my desire to want to be closer to Him. To have His word and promises engraved in my heart, on my tongue and in my Spirit. I want to know more about His love, grace, favor, baptism, tithing and everything else He has assigned me to do.

This year, just as every year from this day forth, I just want to vow my life to Christ and chase after Him all the days of my life. I want to die to myself and live for Christ because I am not of this world and my life doesn’t just end here.

Happy New Year everyone and I pray for your strength and joy throughout this year! XOXOXO


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