Los Angeles- Day Three

Monday 3/7/16

Day three started off with thunder and rain. No, literally: thunder and rain. Many of the locals I met today explained that LA had been experiencing a drought and that all this rain was God washing away everything and sending the rain! You can always count on a believer for a comment like that! But it is amazing how God works in such ways and how He will always send what we need, when we need it most and not just when we want it.

We started the day off with a hike to the Hollywood sign (we never actually got to the sign itself but we hiked many of the beautiful mountains surrounding where the Hollywood sign was actually on.) Not only was it a great workout for me, but it was a time to bond with everyone and just see how much of an amazing painter and Creator I serve. From the beautiful mountains, the building, and the skies- I just felt such a sense of pride and excitement for the God that I love and purpose for why I was here at that moment. We then had dinner at probably the best place I have eaten in forever called There’s No Place Like Home. I am telling you there is nothing like fresh, made to order food! If you are ever in LA check this place out!

As the night went on, I slowly realized that I had not fully recovered from the food poisoning I had been dealing with days prior to the trip. I found myself with a headache, nausea and so moody that I did not enjoy the rest of the events of the night. Along with that, up unto this point much of what we had been doing was very sporadic; with no set plan really or definite schedule and that has been so difficult for me. I am very Type A and want to know what we are doing, when and why. I am a need to knower and must have list and schedules for everything. Also processing so many new things from one sporadic idea to the next is challenging and annoying for me. It is something that I know God has to work on my heart about especially because it caused me to go into my shell and retreat from everyone. At that moment, I really had to minister to myself and not allow this to be a moment where the devil could step in and plant seeds of doubt and question as to why I was here. Especially because I had been making such progress and God had been checking my spirit thus far about so many things. It’s funny how one thing can lead to another so quickly and how the devil can and will use any and every opportunity to infiltrate our thoughts with his nasty lies. But thank God for my amazing boyfriend who I was able to call and vent to him and have him prayer and minister to me as well. Being that we both are on different outreach/mission trips, made him understand some of what I was dealing with.

I ended the night being sick but still feeling cared for and loved as many of the girls brought me back water and ginger ale and checked up on me until I called it a night before everyone else. Day three is over but I know God has something amazing planed for Day Four because we will start officially working with the Dream Center in Los Angeles!


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