Los Angeles- Day Four

Tuesday 3/8/16

Today has been the best day thus far and the most fun!! It was our first official day working with the Dream Center; which is an amazing ministry here in the LA community that is so well respected and amazing. You can google them or check out their website here: http://www.dreamcenter.org/about-us/

We began by hearing an amazing testimony from a young man who lives at the Dreams Center for a one year program that the Dream Center has called Discipleship. It is basically a program for individuals, men and women, who want to get closer to God and get their lives back on track. From day to day people, to addicts, former prisoners, homeless individuals, etc the program and the entire Dream Center aims to help and meet the needs of people and their community. As we went on our first assignment, cleaning up blocks leading to Echo Park, we heard two more testimonies that encouraged and strengthen my faith even more. These testimonies from these three amazing and spirit filled men reminded me that God doesn’t care who you were in your past, what you had done, how broken and depressed you were or even how young or old but He will still use you, love you and give you purpose when the whole world has counted you out. Even if your parents forsake you (Psalms 27), the spirit of addiction surrounds you, depression, sense of abandonment or any of those strongholds come to choke the life out of you, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL AND HE STILL WANTS ALL OF YOU!!! Can you please, just take a moment to understand that. You, yes you, just how you are right now: GOD WANTS TO USE YOU. I don’t know about you but that excites me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I just have this fire and boldness right now after hearing those testimonies and realizing that I was a part of helping God’s community!

Later that afternoon, we got to spend time with some children who lived in a nearby housing project and they were so much fun, and beautiful and full of life and joy that it just made me feel like a kid all over again. We prayed with them and right before we left a young women asked us to pray for her and her family who were there with her. She shared with us that she had been two years sober and I tell you what an amazing sight to just see God delivering and loving one of His children like that. My God, our God can break any chains and shackles for us all we have to do is trust, have faith and be faithful!

Today was an absolute 10 and it is not even over yet but I know that God has me here for a reason. He made mountains move for me to be able to be here and I know I won’t be leaving California the same women I came when we landed.

Isn’t God great!!!!



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