Day Five

Wednesday 3/9/16

Ever realized how God just makes things so much better when you truly trust Him and give Him your raw honesty! Well, I experienced just that today. The night before, our trip leader explained to us that we would be split into two groups. One group would work with the food trucks and the other would be working with the thrift store. For some reason I raised my hand to sort clothing for the thrift store that the Dream Center has. I am not sure why my hand went up so fast to volunteer and the next morning I felt this urge to ask if someone wanted to switch assignments with me. I ignored the urge because I felt like I needed to be where I already chose. See, sometimes when we make a decision we don’t even know why but its in those moments for me that I am realizing that it is the Holy Spirit leading me to do something I normally wouldn’t want to do and next thing I know some other voice is calling me not to do it and I must realized that at times its either the devil or our flesh getting in the way. Instead I stayed with my group and began sorting clothes. A couple of hours passed by, my group made it fun by playing games and even having one of the guys try on some of the silly clothing we found. As we had been working, I had spotted an older woman sitting by a bench waiting for her turn to get food from the food bank (also by the Dream Center). Aside from glancing at her a few times, I didn’t really make much contact or think twice about why else she would be there.  Not soon after I took another glance at her, one of her friends ran towards us and asked for help. Again, for some reason, I ran towards her. I grabbed her hand and her friend explained that she just had a seizure and she didn’t know what to do. There it was!!!! This is why the Holy Spirit had me here. Of all the things I could have been doing with the other half of my team, God had placed me here to be assistance for this woman who had the same mental condition as I do: epilepsy.

I felt this calm spirit over me. I held her hand, kept her talking to me, and comforting her the way I felt the spirit leading me to until the ambulance arrived. As we waited, we prayed for her, she told me her name and talked about her niece. I remember feeling so honored to hold her hand and that I truly felt that God was using me to comfort her in the ways I desperately wanted to be comforted when I have my seizures. When the paramedics came, I gave them all the information I had learned from her along with her ID and off she went. I remember praying for her and her family as she was driven off and could feel God telling me, “This is why I need your full trust in me. I have such purpose and use for you but I need you to let go and give it all to me so I can use you in the ways I have already destined for you. I have plans to make your life a testament of my love, presence and faithfulness.”

Our next outreach was going to Venice beach and passing our hot dogs to the homeless people that lived there. The homeless population here in LA is just unfathomable and as a very compassionate and empathetic person I found myself deeply saddened and wanting to somehow heal and remove all of their pain. But I am learning that I cannot burden myself with the things that only God can change and control. I can only be a vessel and a seed planter as God leads me. As I walked down this boardwalk, talking to people and giving out all this food, I realized something: each person I met had a smile on their face. Yes! These beautiful people, all of God’s children just seemed happy and content not just with the food we were giving them but maybe even the situation they were in. I honestly cannot fathom what homelessness is like. For God’s favor has been upon me and my family to never have experienced that but I wished and prayed I had more time to just spend with them and listen to their stories. I wanted desperately to know them and where they came from. I wanted them to know that I cared and that I saw them more than just this label of homelessness that society had given them. And the only way I knew how to was by smiling and praying for them, trusting with all my might that they would feel God’s love and comfort.

To end our long and eventful day we went to another church where some of the students there gave us prophesying encouragement. I could sit and write all day about that experience and all that I heard from the Lord but  feel God is wanting me to save that for my next book and even some of the videos I will be making soon. I can just tell you all that our God is truly a good good Father and the way I have seen Him through the various people I have encountered this week is just more than I can even explain. I feel such a calling here. A calling to be what Jesus was.. a servant. He has called to not be served but to serve His people and be a blessing to Him by being a blessing to His children, our brothers and sisters.

I pray today that you hear His voice and whatever He is calling you to do to be clear. But always remember this: we are not called to perfection, we are called to simply and love and trust Him; allowing God to do the rest.

God bless, Shalom!



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