Los Angeles Day Six

Thursday 3/10/16

Day six was really chill, which was fine by me because so many amazing things were happening that some much needed rest was needed. We spend the day loading up food trucks and delivering them to different locations for those in need. Seeing the need so many people had for food that I sometime take for granted or won’t even eat made me even more grateful for what I had. And even changed my perception and consumption of the foods I ate this week and the future meals that I will have. Our day ended pretty early and by 2pm we were already home. Everyone spent the rest of the day napping, talking, playing games and soon found ourselves having a talent show after dinner which was very interesting to say the least. As the old soul that I am, I found myself in bed by 10 pm which was fine by me. I mean, come on, who says no to more hours of sleep!!

Overall I would rate today a solid 5 outside of the outreach which has been my absolute favorite part of everyday and that always gets a 10!



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