Say Yes

How many times do you say no to God in a day? A week? A month? A year? If you are like me you probably are like, “What? I don’t say no to God. That is crazy.”But in reality many of us say no to God more than we would like to admit.We say no to Him in ways we don’t even realize. Saying No to God is not just God telling you something but you say No and go about your day. We say no to Him through our actions (or inaction), through our delayed obedience (which is still disobedience) and how we treat others. Let me be more specific and give you some examples:

  1. Do you ever feel the Holy Spirit telling you to wake up or stop what you’re doing to pray and read scripture? But instead, you ignore that  voice and say you will do it later because you are too busy or have other commitments. –You have just said NO to God
  2. Has God given you clear signs and instructions to leave a relationship, walk away from a friendship, or even a job but instead you stayed or questioned if it was even God? –You have just said NO to God
  3. God calls us love one another as He loves us. He commands us to forgive and show grace. But can you think of someone you were anything but  nice to. Someone you spoke life taking words to. Someone you refuse to forgive and show grace to. If yes to any of these questions then… –You have just said NO to God
  4. Has God placed on your heart to write a book, blog, pray for someone, give money to a stranger, etc. but you have refused because you don’t feel like you are capable of it or fear where your next check will come from? –You have just said NO to God

These are just examples and I am sure from them you can think of so  much more example and times you have said NO to God and did not even realize what  you were doing. It  is important that you remember that when God calls on us to do something it is because He plans to be there with you as you obey and walk the path He has set for you. God knows that you cannot carry out any of His plans without Him and His plans never included you doing things on your own.

So today, let us pray and ask our Father to give us a willing and yes spirit towards Him. I promise you it is worth it! And if you are not convinced, think of two time you said NO to God and two times you said YES and tell me what the difference was.





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