My Name…

My first name is Lise-Farah

Two first names for one so yeah you would correct to assume that I am extra

I never understood the beauty of my name until I embraced the beauty of me

See I believe that everyone’s name tells a story without them even knowing

Because I believe that no one is an accident

Born with a purpose so deeply rooted inside the spirit that is you, so indestructible, so you

Lise comes from the name Elizabeth, which means God’s chosen one

Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist

See I come from a line of women chosen for the glory of God

A lineage of people who can testify that when man says no, God is just beginning to carve a yes, a trinity of hope into your situation

It is the name for queens, royalty

Farah means joy, happiness, even traveler in some languages

That explains my desire to travel the world and paint it all things true, and love

Call me foolish or a dreamer

But there is joy and happiness in the darkest of things

I make my art there, I am fire burned and reshaped into the being that I am in that darkness

Darkness is light hiding but its there,  thats the beauty of it

Lise-Farah is a witness, a storyteller to a world that is not her home

So I paint pictures with pain and love and love and pain

I paint canvas with words of triumph and victory

I believe in love

i believe that love can make Lazarus of any tortured soul

Can part the seas of darkness and light

Confusion and doubt

Insecurity and self worth

I believe that love is an anchor

A seed


It was love that created me and you

Love that made crucifixion worth it

So I know how to say love in three different languages Father Son Spirit

Wait, no

Love, Amour, Amoue cheri

I have loved someone past their audacity to valet park my heart, make a joke of my tears, and a doormat to insecurities I could pray he would conquer

I have loved the stubbornness out of a woman who struggled to love past her pain

I have loved myself out the lion’s den of depression

My name means joy

My name carries a weight on your tongue, is reality hard pressed against your chest

Makes you believe in life and God again

All things spiritual

Say it right

My name is Lise-Farah

I am a witness

A poet

A story teller

But if you remember nothing

Remember this

My name is hope, joy,

My name is all things chosen





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