Days Like This

On days like this, I am thankful. Full of thought and reflection. On days like this I  am reminded of all the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve moments. I see the glory and grace of God in each breathe I draw and each step I take. I tell you, on days like this I remember of how three weeks ago I took a knife to my wrist and saw God for a moment. I hear the devil whisper sweet lies to me and I believed them. But on days like this I say “But God.”

Days like this, the sun beats on my back and God’s love engulfs me in a ray of sunshine the devil never wanted me to see. Today  and every day like this I  walk, hips swaying, feet stomping and I rising above all the odd with the grace, victory and mercy of God.

On days like this, it’s a good day and I hear the voice of God more than mine……


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