Watch What You Ask For?

       I can not tell you how many times I have prayed to God for wisdom and I’ll say that to some extent God has given me insight and wisdom to somethings in my life and that of others. But in all honesty I didn’t realize what I praying for until these past weeks as I have been reading Ecclesiastes and learning more about Solomon. Of course I would learn and understand more about wisdom reading the words of the wisest man to live.

       The thing is often times we pray for the things God has promised us or we repeat powerful prayers that characters in the bible have prayed for with this idea that our lives will become better, that our walk with Christ will become easier and that we can carry the responsibilities and sometimes burden that come with these powerful request. And reading the words of Solomon, I realize that wisdom comes at a price. It is not always glamorous and easy to be blessed with the kind of wisdom that Solomon asked for. Or maybe you are not asking God for wisdom but asking Him to expand your territory, your ministry, etc. Maybe you are asking Him for a bigger, loving and forgiving heart. Or maybe you’re like me and you spend days that turn into months just asking Him to give you the will and strength to live. No matter which of these things you are asking God for, it is a big responsibility and request that God often times grants but know that what you ask of God and what you vow to God are very serious things. For it is better to ask for nothing and to vow nothing to God than to not keep our vows or turn away from what God has given you after you requested it. When you ask Him to expand your ministry, if God sees fit He will grant you your desire. But in the midst of that, you will face more criticism, people will abandon you for all kinds of reasons, you might lose those who were following you in the beginning, and God will take you to some uncomfortable places and test you even more. If you are asking God for a bigger, loving and forgiving heart it will seem that people find new and creative ways to hurt and betray you. And at times you will find it difficult to forgive and love others and even yourself sometimes But all these things have a purpose. They will either draw you closer to God or make you wish you had not asked for these things and God will also see if you are serious or not about following Him and seeking Him and His desires for your life or if you are just a sometime Jesus follower who likes to pray eloquent, poetic prayers without meaning them and without substance. Don’t test God, don’t try to trick Him because He sees and knows your heart and innermost thoughts.

       Furthermore in terms of wisdom, you see the the good and the evil in this world with a different perspective. You will find yourself understanding more, you will experience more pain and difficulties because the more you are knowledgeable about the more imperfection and sin you will see around you. The wickedness you see will bring you to your knees and you will need God more than ever to deal with it and make the best decisions in the midst of an unrighteous world. Wisdom doesn’t mean you will never make a mistakes or need God less, look at Solomon: despite God giving Him the wisdom He asked for He still made mistakes and ultimately let pagan wives drive his heart away from God and the divide of his nation. Wisdom means you need God more and that God will require more of you. It means you will go levels where meditating on the word for twenty minutes is no longer enough. You will need to spend hours with Him and send times just sitting in His presence and listening to what He has to say to you. Silencing all the noise to just be. To be still and listen.

       Wisdom will make you silent in the midst of great anger because you know that calmness can lay to rest great offense (Ecc. 10:4). You won’t feel the need to satisfy your desire to scream and give someone a piece of your mind because you see the bigger picture and know what God has called and require of you. Wisdom allows you to thank God for the bad times because you see and understand the good that came from it. Wisdom allows us to see that the trials were what drove us back to Him after becoming too comfortable due to self-satisfaction and complacency. You will see that this world is empty and has nothing for you

       Lastly, wisdom reminds us that death only brings us closer to God and it is not the end. So we will spend our days preparing for our true home and not being entangled in the futile and trivial things of this world


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