Why Did God Let That Happen?

We often times get mad at God and blame Him for every bad fortune that comes upon us. We say things like, “Well, if He knew I was going to do that then why didn’t He stop me or warn me,” Or things like, “If He is God and can do anything then why is He allowing all these terrible things to happen in the world?” But what we fail to realize is that He did warn us! He did give us options and tell us what would happen based on the decisions that we make and will make in the future. Basically, time and time again God gave us ample warning. God gave all of His children free will so that we have a chose in all the we do. That’s what everyone wants, right? The right to choose what they do, when and where they do it, and how they do it. Well that is exactly what God gave us when He gave us free will- the right to choose. He does not force Himself upon us (do not confuse this with brash and aggressive Christians who try to force God on others) but instead allows us to choose to serve Him and follow His word.

Think about it this way; can you remember a time you were forced to do something or be around someone that you most likely did not want to be around? Did you like how that made you feel. Or think about a time when your parents forced you to play a sport or an instrument. Did you stick to that sport? Can you still play that instrument? Do you love or even like it? Did you like how they forced their will and their wants upon you? Probably not. On the other hand think about a time when you made the chose to do something or follow someone with all of your heart? How did that feel? There was a difference right?! What about the first time you fell in love and chose that person every day even when they hurt you or lied to you or even cheated on you. Now imagining choosing God in that same way expect He isn’t human so he will never lie to you, cheat on you or steal from you.

See God wants us to seek Him and be intimate with Him. He desires for us to fall in love with Him the same way He fell in love with us before we were even born. The beautiful and probably unfathomable thing is that our God sent His only Son to die for each and everyone one of us even with the knowledge that not all His children would chose Him back. Really take a moment to think about that. Now when we chose God, He gives us instructions and encouragement in His word through the bible. But many of us seem to think that we can chose God without using, needing, or understanding His word. We find all kinds of reasons why God lives in our hearts but we don’t need to open the bible. We say things like, “It’s too long,” “It’s outdated and not relevant to the time I live in today,” or “It’s all fairy tales.” That’s like choosing to play a sport like football but not knowing the rules, the role each person plays, or any of the concepts. Now you are just running around aimlessly, with no direction or purpose with this ball in your hand and calling yourself a football player. Does that make any sense?!

See as Jesus lovers we have a handbook that guides us through it all. God uses people and their stories so we know what to do and how to go about this life as we prepare for our eternal life in heaven. In the bible He warns us all the time of what will happen if we turn our hearts from Him and turn away from His word. He also reveals to us what will happen if we turn our hearts to Him and abide by His word. Again, giving us a choice but also explaining the consequences of those choices. The problem is we either don’t believe these consequences will happen, we don’t understand how serious God is in what He declares, or we just continue to abuse grace and God’s forgiveness thinking being Christian makes us invincible to sin and its consequences. Yes, God’s love is never changing and always there. Yes, He will forgive us for our sins but that does not mean that we are free from the consequences of those sins. That is just not how God operates. For example, let’s say you have a child. You tell your child not touch the stove because they can get burned and it will cause pain and maybe even a scar. You tell your child if they do not touch the stove, they will not get burned and will make Mommy and Daddy proud and joyful. Now that child disobeys and touched the stove and gets burned. Can you magically come to their rescue and remove the burn? If you could, what are the chances of that child touching the stove again? Probably a lot higher than if you would have let them deal with the burn and each time they looked at it were reminded of the consequences of touching the stove and disobeying Mommy and Daddy. That’s how children and people learn. I can list so many people in the bible who were warned and still did not listen to God (Solomon, David, Eve, etc)

The thing is that sometimes we don’t give God the credit He deserves in our lives. In reality, God protect us A LOT from the consequences of our sins. He gives us sometimes 2,3,4,5 chances before allowing us to face the consequences. Let’s say you have been engaging in premarital sex for some time now. You know it’s wrong, you have read that it is wrong, and the Holy Spirit has even spoken to you and convicted you but you keep slipping up and pleasing your flesh. You pray for forgiveness and God forgives you and protects you but you go back to those habits. Then two years later you find out that you have an STD/STI or are pregnant with a child you were not prepared for. Those were the consequences God has been protected you from for years and now you have to face them. So who are you going to blame? Not God. Think about it……… Are you using your free will to make the right choice?

God Bless,




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