I met little boys who grew up to be men who only knew how to rep their hood, throw up their sign and throw down every book ever introduced to them

Knew nothing of their heritage or to teach their sons and daughter that their lives matter

Cause fatherhood is the only hood you should be proud to claim, should ever be proud to die for and lay your life for those children that came from your waist line

Black lives matter should be taught to our children from birth through God, love, history and education

But we spend so much time focusing on showing this good for nothing world that we matter, that we are kings and queens yet never start the training at home and on some days don’t even believe the gospel we preach

Believe me when I say  this system won’t teach the generation after us about their value or their people

And I am tired of you ignorant fools thinking that us saying black lives matter somehow is translated into black lives are more important than white lives

No we just want to be seen for who we are and not condemned to death for the shadow we carry on our bones

We just want our boys to be safe and our mothers to sleep at night not fearing her son will five o’clock news and labeled a thug or hustler when the only thing she ever taught him to hustle for was the education she hoped would set him free

But I am realizing that an educated black man is the start of a revolution that they know nothing about  

So black men, black women please understand your value, understand your worth, understand that their fear and ignorance is the same ammunition that fired up the hearts and souls of Toussaint LouVerture, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Park ……

Educate yourself on this system because it won’t simply be fixed with hashtags and dreams

Black crime will always be scene as gang violence, Arab crimes as terrorism, Hispanic crimes as illegal immigration

when the crime they are guilty of is carrying melanin as a sign of uniqueness and strength but taught that it makes them inferior

While white crime is seen as self defense, mental illness

But I beg to differ

I beg to tell you that God’s greatest masterpiece has the most color, the most flaws and intricate detail. Look at the night sky around you, the serenity of a sunset and the power of the ocean

Honestly we should be afraid of them

White and pale as the lifeless body they tell us we are, nothing unique just a race drunk on ignorance and a sense of entitlement but you’ll get what’s coming cause your cards don’t Trump the victory God has already handed us

Oh but they will pretend that they did not teach this world of real terrorism, racism, violence, invasion, murder… see this list is too long

They will tell us that slavery is a thing of the past

When we are still hung on trees called the law and constitution

Lynched by masters we call cops now, protectors of the people

Rape and beat our women without the respect to say her name

For 25 years you have denied us reparation as though such thought is ludicrous

Maybe it’s because you think we have had reparation enough

See one black president

The shortest month to celebrate a heritage that is too deep for yall to stomach

But hey, I won’t even get into that

I just hope yall understand the war that is coming

I hope yall sacrifice a lamb, place its blood upon the front of your doors

Arm yourself my friends

A war is coming but if you step on the battlefield with anything but victory in your bones, with anything but freedom in your sight and anything less than the truth in your heart

You have already played into their hands

You have already lost


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