Today I am Humbled and Honored

My heart is beyond blessed and my spirit is beyond full right now. I thank God for today because it was absolute perfection. I had my book signing today at my home church (New Zion Christian Church in Suwanee Georgia) and the support and love I received from my spiritual family was more than I was expecting honestly. When I published my first book, Surrender, I wasn’t sure how it would be received or if I would even sell 50 copies. The only thing I knew was that I was being obedient to God in sharing my story with everyone, believer or non believer. My pastor, Apostle Pleasant, and first lady, Sis Kimberly, were the first people at church to read my book and it was so humbling for me to see how much they loved it and admired the vulnerability I showed in my book. I was even more elated at their approval of how I accurately used scripture. Now I don’t say that because I was looking for validation or approval from man but because  it was here at New Zion that I fell in love with the word of God and truly began to understand the importance and power of scripture.

My best friend, my sister Minister Zari Wilson gave an amazing sermon and I am finding difficult even now to explain just how proud I am of her and just how much I see God using her in His kingdom. But I am grateful because God has allowed me to find such a beautiful woman of God to be a friend to me. If you know me then you understand that that is an answered prayer for many reason. Today, I saw what it looked and felt like when people love you and support you not just with words but with actions. When they take a chance on you, encourage you, and see the God in you. It is a feeling that I am eternally grateful for and a feeling I know that God is 100% responsible. Daily I am seeing my purpose in God more and more clear. I am seeing that I am just His vessel and this life is not my own.

I am thankful. I am humbled by today. I am grateful that in the midst of my natural family being broken and separated that God not only reminded that His family is always whole and accepting but He gave me a place. He gave me home. He gave me a foundation. So God, I thank you for that. I don’t deserve it but your love for me and your grace always shines.

Thank you to the Wilson family, my New Zion Church family, and all my friends who have supported and encouraged me. And thank Kosi Uzodinma; my blessing, my best friend and the man that God has given me to share this journey with for the rest of my life. I love you my sweet sweet love.


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