Last night I found my spirit to be troubled. I had been thinking about the plans that I had for this afternoon. My mind was restless and I was trying my best to think about something else. But all I could feel was like God was giving me a warning about something and I had this awful feeling in my stomach. I didn’t know what the warning was for or why I was feeling so troubled. I just felt my spirit telling me to be still. To not move or go anywhere; to just stay home but I didn’t know why. I went to bed still unsure of this feeling of impending doom. When I woke,  I still felt the same. I still had a decision to make: one- listen to this warning I was feeling and stay home and be obedient to the spirit or two- ignore it, convince myself it was nothing and go about my day and the planes that I had. Now, in the past I would have chosen the latter. I would have gone about my day and convinced myself that what the Holy Spirit was telling me was nothing to worry about and that God would still protect me. But I reminded myself that doing that in the past has never done me any good.

Instead, I yielded and surrendered to the spirit. I cancelled my plans and immediately began hearing the Lord speak to me. He said that today He needed me. He needed my full attention. He wanted me to spend time with Him, to listen and read His word, to write and fill up my spiritual tank. Now, I haven’t been running from God or anything but I have noticed that lately my life and the purpose He has given me were all coming together and I am thriving. And it is in the those moment I know the devil tries to come and destroy and disarm me and does his best to set me back. And it is in this season that I am realizing I need more God, more hours spent with Him, more scriptures read and mediated on. It is in these moments that I have to train my spirit even more. It is in these moments that I cannot let people, obligations, or even the busyness of life and this world keep me from feeding and nurturing my spirit. Right now, I am grateful for God’s warning. I am not sure what would have happened if I left my house and continued on with my plans. I am not sure what dangers God is protecting me from right now by having me stay at home today but I am thankful and I am grateful. I am thankful that my heart wasn’t hardened and that I surrendered to His will.

So maybe today or any other day, you have plans or  a list of things to do but you feel God is telling you to be still. To stay where you are until He moves you. Maybe He is calling your name and asking you to spend time with. Whatever it is, please listen to it. Our God is loving and faithful and He tries to protect us at any cost but we have to listen. We have to surrender and most of all we have to trust. Trust that HE knows what is best for you. Trust that He sees the dangers and the attack of the devil from a mile away and you have to trust in what God is telling you to do.. So take care of yourself by understanding that God knows how to best take care of you.

God Bless


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