But You Have Never Seen God..

When I hear people say that, I honestly never get offended or upset. In fact, I find  myself more confused than anything. How do you not see what I see? How do you wake up every morning, set your foot on solid ground, take a deep breathe and still question that my God exist. How do you admire a beautiful sunset and not see God? And not see how He paints the sky and makes a masterpiece of it. How do you embraces, study and find yourself in awe of mountains, and stars and life and still claim you have seen God? How do you see life being given and a mother holding a child she will find herself loving more than herself and still tell me you see no God? If you can say that, my heart goes out to you. My soul cries out prayers for you. And no, I am tempted to know why our visions don’t match. I could not imagine living in this darkness and not know that it is God that bring beauty and light.

My existence alone is proof to me everyday that God exist. The way I am able to love other beyond my selfish human nature is proof that a begotten Son died for me. The way my sins are forgiven and I can still draw a breathe is proof that my God exist. The way my heart breaks for God’s people and the people who deny Him is proof that He lives, if not in you then in me. Then in your children, in the hopes and dreams that you aspire too.

Be blessed!

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