That God..Same God

Remember the God who sent an angel to protect Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when Nebuchadnezzar threw them in the fiery furnace for not bowing down to the golden idol he created?(Daniel 3) Remember the God who split the Red Sea and saved the Israelites from the Egyptians…again? Remember the God who created heaven and earth in 6 days!? Better yet, remember the God who sent His only Son to die for our sins and defeat death once and for all! Think about it. Think about all of the stories you have read, all of the power and truths that God has given us and His son who He gave to us. Now if you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, that love is at the heart of our Christian walk, and that His strength and His power conquers all then why are you so troubled?

If you believe that our Lord is the author of time, has no beginning or end for He is Alpha and Omega and had power to bless Sarah with a son at the age of 90 then why are you so doubtful about what God can do? It crazy, huh? That we read these words and learn about the grandeur of God and how nothing is impossible for Him, yet we still think that He has limits. We still question His power and ability to conquer all things. Remember that He only had plans to prosper us, to give us joy and a good life (Jeremiah 29:11). So why be discouraged. Why allow this world to have a say in your future? See,  God forgave our sins and told us there is no condemnation for those who accept His son(Romans 8:1) yet we still condemn ourselves and allow our past to keep us from Him. He reminds us that no door that He opens can be shut except by Him (Revelation 3:7). So when you got that phone call about that job you didn’t get but  were so desperate for, why did you cry? Clearly, that wasn’t a God opened door for you. If it was, it would be yours to have. You have no idea what He may have been protecting you from or better yet what grandeur things He has in store for you. It is the God who did all those miracles that we serve today. He didn’t change, He is still the same God yesterday, today and forever! So again, I ask what has you so worried.

It is time that we remember the God that we serve! Stop believing the lies, stop believing what this world has to say about you and stop believing what created things have to say about your Creator. Is our Father not Good? Is He not healer, provider, comforter, Shepard? Did He not give us the power to move mountains (Matthew 17:20)? Has He not promised to never forsake you though you family may (Psalm 27)? Please, tell me. Better yet, remind yourself. Remember the God you serve and stop allowing life’s circumstances to make you question the presence, the love, the grace or the promises of God. That God we read about everyday is the same God today. He is no different.

So that test you’re studying for but worried you will fail- give it to God. That spouse you are praying for-  kneel before God, focus on Him and if it is in His will for your life, He will send him/her. That father who has forsaken you- forgive him and remember that our heavenly Father is perfect and ready to receive you. That sickness or death sentence your doctor has given you- thank him for his time and service but let Him know of the healer you serve. When life and its problems tell you how big and bad they are- tell them how big and bad your God is. When the enemy comes to steal your joy- send him back to hell and remind him that this joy you have he didn’t give so he has no power; he never did.

A dear brother of mine said this to me: “We are spiritual being first before we are anything else.” So I urge you, be strong in your God, in His truths and allow nothing to have dominion over you. My sister, my brother, my loves know whose you are. Know to whom you belong. That God you know to be true and ever so present in those times is still the same God you feel today. Please, don’t forget that again.





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