An ambassador is an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country

Today I am here as ambassador of the Kingdom of God

I was sent by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to this foreign land to remind you that this is not your home

I was sent here to bring my people back home and declare the victory Jesus has already given us over the things of this world

I stand before you imperfect yet all perfect because of His blood and His grace

Before I became an ambassador I had to wake up every morning and die

Every morning I ending and lowering myself so that my King could begin and uplift

This has been no easy task but it is one that is worth it

Some days, I fail but His grace uplifts me and reminds me where my strength comes

Being what I have been called to represent has put a bullseye on my chest

And the enemy has spent years trying to hit this target

But I tell as ambassador, I am covered by the Blood of the Lamb

He did not send me here unprepared, unarmed or defenseless

My waist is girded with truth, my chest home to a breastplate of righteousness

My feets anchored with the gospel of peace and faith as my shield

I have spent days drowning in the ocean of my tears just so God could show me that He knows how to use our mess to clean us up

I have come here again, imperfect but to share with you the good news He has given me

I am here right now on an assignment I did not ask for nor did I feel prepared for

But our Lord and Savior gave me a pen and vision, so I began to write

As I wrote, my heart began to break for what  I know is breaking our Lord’s

My hands began to shake and there was  lump in my throat

I tried to hold back the tears but they came flowing anyway

My God has sent me to hear to speak life, speak joy and peace into someone’s heart

I have come to plant

Plant seeds in soil that is black and barren

To teach roses how to grow in the midst of concrete

I have come with new birth certificate for you all, where your names are now Judah, praise

And your last name that of your good good father

So please open your heart, quiet all the noise and distractions

Come humble and meek and know these words I speak are not my own

Know that I am only a vessel, a mouthpiece for Him to use

So, please listen

“I am God, your Father. I have loved you since the beginning of time. I have etched every piece of you so know there is no way of going unnoticed by me. My daughters, I meet you where you are. I meet you in your darkness, in that hole. I meet you in that bed, in that depression, even in that sea of lies you keep drowning in. My daughter, I see you. I hear your tears, your heart. My child your future maybe uncertain because you don’t see the plans I have for you but have I not always kept my promises. Am I man that I should lie. Are my promises not true and kept. Did the cross that meant to kill me not become a sign of victory for you. One of you today is struggling with whether or not your deserve or are worthy of my love or the love of anyone else. You have cried out to me but don’t feel as if I have heard you but I have. I have felt your tears like bullets to my chest. I have laid with you at nights when the father of lies has invaded your mind. My daughter please believe me when I say that this too shall pass and my will be done. I love you and I need you to come back to me. Be in my presence, feel my spirit and know that I have good good plans for you. Some of you struggle with this comparison game but listen to me: Comparing is telling Me that I am not enough for you and making someone or something else the standard. Comparison is telling me my Son’s death wasn’t enough. But I know that it was and I know that you good and beautiful because I am good. You have to believe that I am good and my goodness is for you. It has always been for you. To my daughter who has allowed anger to consume her heart. Who is angry with me, her family, this world. Let it go. Take my hand and give me back that burden, for it was never yours to bare alone. Forgive them for they know not the hurt they have bestowed upon you. And lastly to my daughter with the mask on. Who smile even when pain consumes you, you can breathe now. In this place, in my presence you can take off that mask and know I have placed you amongst your sister who will pray for you, who will love as I love them. You no longer have to be a museum of hurt, mistakes, or your past but you can be a museum that showcases the victories I have given you and life I have destined for you. To my daughters who feel lonely. Who pray endlessly to me for their Boaz, their “one” true love. I see you. I hear you and need you to remember I always have good planned for you. I never promised a spouse or your one to come at a specific time but I did promise to give you your heart’s content. To give you joy but under the condition that you love me first and with all of your heart; to allow my will to be done, whatever it maybe. Be still, be patient and allow me to work in you before I ever reveal to you your one. And to all previous jewels, do not be afraid, do not be worried because I am with you always wherever you will go. I would die for all over again. I am good, I am all things yours. I am love and forgiveness and I desire intimacy with each and everyone of you no matter how far gone you think you are. I am here. I am God and you are mine. I want what is mine. I desire what is mine. I make no mistake, I made you so you are good and  will ever be a mistake. You are purpose, you are love, you are cherished, You are mine and I love you.”


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