Are You A Chaser?

I have spent most of my being  a chaser. I’m sure you’re like, “What are you talking about Lise?” Well, I’ll explain. I am 22 years old and I have probably spent more than half that time being a chaser. Chasing friends, love, purity, approval from those friends and even parents, boys, happiness, you name it, I’ve chased it. The list of things that I chase goes on and on. I got so used to chasing things that I felt like the only way I would ever have something was by chasing it. For years I just told myself that I was working hard for what I wanted and that that’s what people do, right? You see something you want and to go after it. But God slowly started to reveal something to me: there is a difference between working hard for something, walking into something, and chasing something.

When we work hard for something, we put all of our efforts into it. We study, go to class, spend more of those late nights studying, go to office hours, find ourselves crying after every OCHEM exam (shout out to my UGA students) and then finally grades come out and we get that A or that B. There is joy and you finally feel like all of your hard work paid off. You are happy and continue to strive and work for those grades, or to get that project done,  and that job offer. All of those things you work hard for. So what’s the difference between that, work, and chasing? I’ll tell you.

Chasing something is tiring and more times than not leads to you being disappointed, hurt, rejected, and walking into things God never wanted or promised for your life. See I chased people, friends, boys, approval from my parents and even purity. It’s a tiring and anxious way to live. I became who each of those people needed me to be just to keep them in my life. I found myself compromising who I was, who I am just so they wouldn’t walk away and I wouldn’t have to chase them again. I became obsessed with this idea of perfection. That I needed to be perfect for them, that I needed to make them love me and never want to walk away from me. But when they did  walk away, when I didn’t get that approval I felt as though it was my fault. That I did something wrong, that I wasn’t enough. Chasing will always make you feel like you aren’t enough and a lot of times the things and people you chase will slip through your fingers like sand and but it’ll be a burning sand because it’ll hurt. You’ll feel void, lost and lonely, and less than. And you will begin to believe that the only way to stop that hurt is to go back on the run and chase some more. You’ll forget to ask for God’s approval for the things you are chasing because you tell yourself that if God loved you then He would make those people and those things you chased for months, for years, stay with you so you wouldn’t have to keep going after them. So you wouldn’t have to keep proving yourself to them. But that’s where the problem begins. You, as a chaser, begin to confuse God’s wants for you with the idea that the things and people you chase define who you are. And if you can keep the things you chased satisfied, if you can prove yourself worthy to them then you have made it. But no, because that lie is the first step to your own demise. God is calling you to walk into His promises for your life and that includes people and those natural things.

When you walk into the promises of God, you understand that God is not man that He should lie. So you know that His plans for you are good and joyful. You understand that He will protect you at all cost, even from yourself sometimes. When you walk into those promises He has made, you find joy, you stop chasing things and instead as His workman you learn to work with Him to achieve the plans He has for you. Walking into your promises requires working with God to achieve His plans and His purposes for you and with that comes no disappointment or rejection that He hasn’t already prepared you for. Because you don’t have to chase someone or something who God placed. So if you are like me and chasing people and their love and approval seems to be your vice remember this:

Sometimes no matter how nice you are, how kind you are, how caring or how loving you are, it just isn’t enough for some people..and that’s okay. Because those people just were never meant to know the spirit that is you and that is just God’s protection my love disguised in rejection or hurt. Sometimes that happens but remember this, no matter how good that thing or that person made you feel, if God is removing it then you know what is to come will be even better and you never have to chase it. So put down those chasing shoes and walk into God’s promises and victory with the boldness and confidence that God has already placed inside of you

I know from the title of this you probably thought about another type of chaser, lol, but I hope you didn’t leave disappointed and this ministered to you the way it did to me when God showed me these truths again.




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