In His Silence

“But God isn’t talking to me.

He has abandoned me and I  don’t think He hears my prayers anymore.

No seriously, what do I do when it feels like God has left me?

 When He just isn’t being God, what then?

Fine, if He doesn’t care, won’t listen to me, then why do I need Him? I’ll do it on my own.”

Have you ever had these thoughts and feelings? Have you ever gotten so angry at God that you not only run from Him but you become defiant and rebellious? You find yourself purposely sinning and doing everything you can to somehow get His attention. Well, I have. In fact I spent the latter part of 2016  doing just that. I had moments where I was angry with God. I didn’t think He was listening to me. He was too quite and still for me and instead of resting in His silence and reminding myself that my Abbas’s silence does not equate is absence, I ran and rebelled. See, we call God our Father and He is, but that means we are His children and trust me we act like it.. (immature) children. For instance when our earthly parents seem to ignore us and get consumed with everything in life but us, we sometimes do stupid things to get their attention or we just become rebellious. And that’s what many of us do with God. We think, “Fine, if you are going to be silent, ignore me, and let all these things keep happen to me God then I will show you!” And immediately we forget who are Abba is. We paint Him as this human being who has too much on His plate to worry about little ole us. STOP!! You are so wrong! I was so wrong in that thinking!!

First, let’s remember this: God’s silence does NOT equate to His absence. This past Sunday, the sermon was just  about that and since then God has really been moving on my heart to see the error of my ways and thinking in the moments where He was in fact silent and ‘absent’ with me. When God is silent, it doesn’t mean He isn’t moving in your life. You have no idea what He is still protecting you from! Or all the things that He is working on for your good during those silent seasons. But it is in these moments where your trust in Him will be tested even more. You have to stay faithful. Matthew 11:6 says:

“Blessed is He who does not fall away because of Me.” (MEV)

“Blessed is He who does not stumble on account of me.” (NIV)

In other words Jesus is saying “Blessed (honored and favored) is he (my child) who does not fall/stumble (sin, run away from me) on the account of me (on the account that I become silent or do things you may not like or have wanted me to.)” Our Father is loving and kind. He opens doors no man can shut (Revelations 3:8). He created us in His image (Gen 1:27) and loves us beyond measure and understanding (Ephesians 3:19). He sent His only Son to die for us (John 3:16) and He has chosen each and everyone of us. So why would you think that for one moment in your life or a season that He would just abandon you? He wouldn’t but the devil wants you to think that! The father of lies wants to plant that mess in your mind. He wants to discourage you because He doesn’t want you to see so what God has been doing for you in the silence ans stillness. That’s the devils plan but don’t let it happen! Stop those thoughts I mentioned in the beginning and encourage yourself. Remind yourself who you are and who your Father is. This is why I love the second half of Rev 3:* “……You have little strength yet you have kept my word!” God knows you can’t do this alone and His plan is to never leave you but He still desires for you to keep His word in those dark, hard, and quiet moments. So today, don’t run and get angry with God when it seems He isn’t listening. Instead, get in His presence. Spend more time with Him, seek His heart and tug at His garment. Silence the enemy’s lies and foolishness. Arm yourself with the weapons and amour or the Word, surround yourself with your community and wait. Be patient and still so that when God comes to speak to you the first thing He says is, “Well done my child. You have been faithful to me. I have felt you at my feet everyday. Your cries and prayers have been a joy for me to hear and I am here, with you always. Take my hand, I have much to tell you and show you of your future.”




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