Walking Testimony Launch


  • a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law
  • evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something

The day is finally here!!! Walking Testimony has officially launched and I am beyond excited to start this chapter with you all. If you have not already go ahead and subscribe to the Walking Testimony Youtube Channel so you guys don’t miss out on anything! (link will be at the end of this post and on the YouTube tab here.)

I wanted to write this post just to share my heart with you all about what Walking Testimony is and what it means to me. As I end this one chapter of my life by graduating college, I began to do a lot of reflecting over my life and all this things God had done for me and is still doing at this very moment. I began seeing the victories and the accomplishments that were now attached to my name as just evidence of who He is and just how unconditional and all consuming His love is. Through that I began seeing just how far I have come and just how evident God is and has always been in my life even in the times when I turned my heart on Him. With that, I began learning that my life is a testimony and each day that I wake up and set my feet on solid ground that I am telling the devil to go to hell where you belong. So Walking Testimony is being alive. It is being the evidence of God’s love and grace. It is being the light and the salt that we are called to be. It being perfectly imperfect and knowing He still has purpose for you. Walking Testimony is breathing and even on the worst of days understanding there is still a purpose and a power in your existence.

I can’t wait to start sharing with you guys my testimonies in hopes that it bring more glory to Him. I can’t wait for the surprise guest that I will and all the new work I have in store for you all. I pray that you hear one of my many testimonies or that of someone else and become inspired to never quit, to never let life get the best of you and most importantly to know that God, is everything He says He is. He is life and truth and strength and everything you need for the days when you don’t even feel enough or worthy to stand. This channel as well as this blog will become more transparent than I have ever imagined myself being but I know that this is bigger than me. It bigger than the anxiety and some of the fears I have about doing this and starting this journey. And my spoken word is my spoken testament of my God, our Abba. Yes, I am afraid and sometimes wonder if I am crazy for wanting to share some of the things I have in store for you all but I know that not doing this would be in complete disobedience to God and I’ve engaged in delayed disobedience long enough.

So I want to say thank you. Thank you in advance for coming on this journey with me. Thank you for your open hearts, for subscribing, and most importantly being non judgmental. And I know you might say “Lise, how do know this.” Truth is I don’t. But I think there is power in saying it and believing it before it comes. So again thank you! And it is an honor that God has given me to even have a platform to testify and be a witness to all that He is. Here is to vulnerability, freedom, victory. Here is to be a walking testimony.

*I explain more of where the name came from in the Walking Testimony video thats not available on my YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe 


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