Athens, I Love You

Four and half years ago, I walked onto the University of Georgia campus as an 18 year old girl with big dreams. It had a been a long and difficult journey just to get to where I was: a freshman at the prestigious UGA in the beautiful city of Athens. I was anxious and scared but had big dreams. I was going to make friends, graduate with a Biology (Pre-Med) degree and be amazing. I had the next 10 years of my life planned out and everything was great! But life has a way for not turning our how you planned it or better yet sometimes God has a way of laughing at the plans we make for ourselves without consulting Him.  The past four and half years have transformed me. I have become the woman I never imagined I would be but one that I love. I have cried, made friends and lost them, I have dealt with depression, anxiety, sexual assault/harassment, and even danced with suicide BUT I overcame all of those things. I did so with and because of God. During my time in Athens I found my strength, my voice, my capacity to love, my joy, my victory and my faith. And I am leaving this city as a strong and resilient 23 year old woman on her way to following the path that God has laid our for me since before I was so carefully and thoughtfully placed in my mother’s womb. For that I am beyond grateful.

The city of Athens became home for me, the people I met became family and I will forever hold this city in my heart. Majority of my testimony was built here and I am so thankful for all that God has shown me here. As I close this chapter of my life, I know God has bigger and better things in store for me and I can’t wait. I am leaving behind a legacy here in Athens, I am leaving behind friends and family but this is not goodbye, just a see you later. These past four and half years are moments and memories I would not trade for the world and I cant wait to come back and visit. From the classroom, to my Wesley family and my CaribSA family, I will forever hold this city and all of you in my heart. To those who are still here, make the best of your time here, cherish every moment and know it will be a bittersweet moment when you leave. I love you all.



Walking Testimony


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