Job- Chapter 2

In chapter 2, we see satan again come to present himself to the Lord. The same process as in chapter 1 occurs: the angels come to present themselves, satan follows and does the same thing, God questions where satan has come from and he replies “from roaming throughout the earth, going back forth and on it,” and the Lord asks if satan has considered His good and blameless servant Job. Now lets stop here for a second and go back to satan’s response in verse 2. When the Lord asks him where has he come from he responds with:

“From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.”

The first thing I find funny is that the Lord asks him this question as if our God didn’t already know what satan was doing on the earth. Satan coming to God in this manner just goes to show us, again, the dominion of God. Here we have satan, a fallen angel who thinks he has all the power, coming to God to ask permission to do anything in this blameless servant’s life. See God created Job, not satan. So there was no way that satan could have just rolled up on Job and destroy all that God has given him. See when God blesses us with something, when God bestows His grace, wisdom and prosperity on us, satan has no authority over that. He cannot come to take that away without God knowing anything about it. Again, the sovereignty of GOD!! Furthermore satan is roaming and to roam is to move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area. Someone who roams is someone with no clear direction as to where he is going. Just going aimlessly (without aim) to find what he can and make trouble.

Sovereignty- supreme power or authority

  • God’s absolute right to do all things according to His own good pleasure

Dominion- sovereignty, control

  • Comes the Latin word meaning lord, master

But if you were to go outside of the will of God for your things and your blessing and obtain prosperity from unholy things that God gave you no business in dealing with, then where is your protection? Think about that for a second.

Let me help you; take two men for example. One is similar to Job. He is obedient and waits patiently for the Lord to move on his behalf. His blessings are God ordained and he does not move ahead of God but allows God to drive the vehicle of his life. This man is prosperous not just in material things but prosperous in health, peace of mind, joy, and the promises of God. We have a second man who has been struggling for years now. He becomes inpatient with God and decided to make his own ‘blessings’ happen. He starts to deal drugs and soon he is making really good money. He is able to buy a house and a home with the money he has made. From the outside looking in, both of these men are blessed and prosperous, right? But who do you think the devil will have an easier time messing with? Which do you think he will be able to kill, steal and destroy quicker?

Moving on…

Again, the dialogue between God and satan is similar to that in chapter 1. At this point satan has already taken Job’s livestocks, sheep, camels, and his children. Job is devastated, rightly so, but he worshipped in the midst of it! Now satan says “A man will give all he has for his own life.” If you ask me, I just see this as satan getting more and more disrespectful. You mean to tell me that after taking all of Job’s possessions and taking away his children! His flesh and blood! That those things didn’t mean enough to him to cause him to sin and curse God but that his own life would. I mean I have never spoken to a parent who said their life was more than their children’s life. But no one ever said the enemy was the wisest thing out there. Anyways… satan tells God that Job would certainly curse Him if he “strikes his flesh and bone v.5” which God gives permission to do with the stipulation that Job’s life be spared. In this scenario, I must wonder how many of us have be stricken with some illness or condition that affects our flesh or bones and we curse God for it. that moment conviction hits you.

As Job’s body becomes afflicted with painful sores from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, his wife approaches him and says in verse 9:

Are you still maintaining your integrity (moral uprightness)? Curse God and die!

Now before I comment on her response, I take a moment to wonder why his wife was still there? I mean satan had taken everything, his material riches and his children but left his wife alive. Is there a bond there that even satan knew not to touch? I am not sure but I want to do more digging into that.

In the midst of his wife’s response Job rebukes her in the following verse saying:

“You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God and not trouble.”

Not only is this a wise response from Job but its a similar one I wish Adam had given to Eve! Lol. But really though. Even in our difficult times of our faith being tested, we will encounter people very close to us who pretty much encourage us to give but what will you do in those moments? You have to rebuke them, even if it is a spouse!! So often we are quick to praise and worship God in the good times. We shout His name on the mountain top when everything is going right but when bad or tragedy happens we act as if we never knew Him, We become victim to spiritual amnesia and forget the times He was good, to help us remember that He WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD!

Again in all of this Job did not sin against God. I can just imagine in that moment the angels of God and God Himself cheering!


Job/God – satan

And finally as chapter 2 ends we see three of Job’s friends come to visit him after hearing of his troubles. They left their homes to sympathize and comfort their friend. (See the bible even gives us example of what friends are and how to be one. And people say this book is outdated. Rolls eyes)

As they approached Job, the sores had left him so disfigured that they barely recognized him. But they didn’t run off instead they wept for him, tore their robe and sprinkles dust on their heads (another sign of mourning). (Here I find it perplexing that they are mourning Job when he is still alive. Maybe they knew that the man going through this would die and become a stronger and better man when God and Job’s faith brought him out of it. Could be wrong, just a thought.) But his friends sat with him for 7 days and night, not saying a word, because they knew how great his suffering was.

Did you know that being there for a friends doesn’t always mean you know what to say? Your presence, your patience and empathy speaks more volume than trying to think up the right thing to say. Remember that the next time you have a friend in need!

Next week we will explore chapter 3!


-Walking Testimony


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