Behind the Blogger

Lise-Farah Pierre is a 23 year old Psychology alumna from the University of Georgia. She is an author, blogger, and spoken word poet who aspires to bring beauty in the darkest and rawest of emotions through her work. She is a native of the beautiful island of Haiti and has resided most of her life in the U.S. Lise is a mental health and women’s health advocate. As a young believer she believes her purpose is to inspire, love and plant seeds of truth and encouragement in the lives of everyone she meets. Lise has a passion for mentoring young women into finding their God-given purpose. She believes this can be achieved through scripture, honest and unfiltered truth, sharing her testimony and empowering them to boldly and unapoligetically be who they are, self love and awareness.

She uses her blog as platform to share her poetry, testimonies, lessons learned and her experiences as young woman doing her best to walk with God. Lise hopes that through this blog, her readers will be encouraged, know that they are not alone and be proud and bold in their walk with Christ.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling, going to the movies, writing, performing, dancing and spending time with her friends. She is a gym enthusiast and always looking for new workout partners!

Disclaimer: This page is a safe and judgment free space. Negative comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted. So please refrain from doing so.* Speak Life not negativity


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